Monday, July 20, 2009

WIPLW:STALKER, Call of Juarez 2, Worms 2, Zen Pinball, Williams Pinball, Battlefield 1943

It was a really nice weekend with the temperatures staying in the 80's I tried to do as much outside as I could. I did spend most of the day Saturday packing and I have most things packed with some small things and of course my electronics last. Friday night I was taken out for a birthday meal and it was good but the dessert was the best.
We went to an Pizza Place on Kavanaugh that has Gelato, Italian ice cream. I picked the Banana's Foster flavor and it was awesome. Sunday I walked the North Little Rock River walk and had a good time. I did manage to play a few games, though.

On Sunday night Donald, George, Brad, and I got to play Battlefield 1943 and had some good times. That game continues to be fun as there are always different ways and tactics you can use. We tried to do more group tactics and they somewhat worked but there is always a lone wolf in all of us and for some reason even though we were in a party we kept getting put on opposite teams. Other than that gripe once they put out some new maps the game keeps on..where were you Steven?


I've had this game for some time and decided I wanted to give it another try. It is a FPS from a Russian company and it is a very demanding FPS. I found some mods that made the graphics look really cool, the original graphics were nice as well but the modders added quite a bit of other stuff to make the game a little more enjoyable. The game is very unforgiving though in the outset as you start out with basic guns and I couldn't find any nice armor so I spent a lot of the time reloading. I have finally found so good weapons and armor so I am able to take more damage and the game is becoming fun.

The game is set in Chernobyl and there is radioactivity everywhere that you have to be weary about. They do produce artifacts that have different abilities when equipped. The enemies are varied and do use some neat tactics, they will go prone making them very hard to hit. I did notice something that I really liked in the 2 men were shooting at me and I was behind a train and they stopped to reload. I was able to sneak into a tunnel and I waited. The one guy was going around the train and he still thought I was behind the train so he had his back to the tunnel and I was able to shoot him without him seeing me first.

Call of Juarez 2

Well I finally got around to picking this game up for rent on the PS3 and I was really let down. I have heard decent things about this game and I was excited to play but it had some small things that really bugged me.

The graphics are nice and I guess that's why there is a loading pause about every 5 minutes for me. The problem is a loading 'pause', the screen freezes and you can't move for about 5 seconds, this is very annoying and it takes me out of the game experience. I was on the first mission of the game and I had an objective and it was around the corner so I stopped at an ammunition crate, as soon as I was finished I got a message that I had failed the objective and I had to reload. I wasn't even to the objective yet and I failed it? It didn't say there was a time to complete or anything so it left me not wanting to play the game. I will give it a try this week but it's first impressions are justification to me that I'm glad I didn't buy this game.

Worms 2

I downloaded the free trial and played a couple of challenges and it is a much better game than the first one as you have more of everything, worms, weapons, sounds, and maps. So if you liked the first then try the second as there is a decent Single player experience.


For some reason I was in the mood to play pinball and I tried the Williams Pinball for PS2 which takes some old pinball machines and recreates them in a virtual arcade, and a Zen pinball which is made up pinball machines.

The Williams Pinball is pretty nice as it gives you challenges for each table. There is also a Tournament challenge that you have to play every table and get a certain number of points to proceed. It is nice that it adds these little things to keep you playing.

Zen pinball is pretty nice as well but the table are pretty busy. They do highlight where you need to be hitting the ball so there is some help there as well. This is on XBLA and PS3N so for $10 give it a try.

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