Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIPLN:Drop7, Worms 2, Call of Jaurez 2

Didn't play much of anything Tuesday night as I fell asleep in my SumoSac and didn't wake up until 6:40.


This is an IPhone puzzle game that is very addicting. It is like Tetris and Sudoku combined. You have a grid of 7 columns and you are placing discs with numbers, 1-7, and gray discs on this grid. A disc disappears when its number matches the amount of discs in its current row or column only counting contiguous discs. Gray discs are actually numbered discs beneath the surface. Whenever a disc touching a gray disc is broken the gray disk will grind down until it is covered. After you place so many numbers your level goes up and the grid is moved up with a row of gray circles. It has global leader boards and you can upload your scores to Facebook as well.

It's only 2.99 so go pick it up.

Worms 2

I bought this on XBLA last night and played a multi player match and got destroyed but it is a fun game and better and cheaper than Worms 1 on XBLA. There are more units, sounds, and just about everything in this version it even has a nice single player campaign so if you pick it up let me know and we'll play.

Call of Juarez 2 (360 Version)

I went back to BlockB and picked up the 360 version of this game and wow the game is infinitely better on the 360. I have all 3 consoles so I am not a fanboy of any system but I do prefer the 360 controller and the easiness of Xbox Live so I do pick up most games for the 360 and if you want to play this game it's the only way to go.

The biggest difference is the load times. The 360 loads and saves while you are moving but the PS3 version stops completely and it takes about 5-10 seconds to load the next sequence and it does this about every 5-10 minutes which makes it very annoying. I died about 5 or 6 times while playing on the PS3 and only once on the 360 due to the controls, it just feels better to me on the 360.

I do like the game and the story is interesting to me. I had my first duel and lost the first try because I wasn't sure how to grab my gun but got a quick head shot on the second try. You get to use a lasso and you must swing it first by rotating the right analog stick which is a nice touch. You get to pick which guy to control which will add to the replay value but I do wish it was co-op.

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