Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RB 2, Halo ODST

RB 2 (360) (1hr)

I picked up the Breaking Benjamin songs, I've been waiting for So Cold to come out and glad I did as it's fun to play. I also picked up some other songs and my song count is way to large now, and I can't believe how much I've spent and will keep on spending. They did release a patch and it solved some of my gripes but not all. I do like that you can download songs in the RB store in the background instead of having to download each song individually so I did that last night. I wish there was a way to skip songs when you do the quick play because some songs are just too hard and you have to quit all the way out and pick a new set list.

Halo ODST (360) (1hr)

I wish I had started this on the Normal campaign because I just want to see the story and have a good time and playing on heroic is quite challenging and I started to get frustrated. The game is good overall but for me it's just a rental.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stranglehold, Majesty Demo

Stranglehold (PS3) (1HR)

I have been playing this game for awhile and have about 3 missions to go. This is a great action game but does get tough in the later stages. It has some great set pieces and the slo-mo and other powers are done well. If you haven't tried it yet go and get it, it should be cheap now.

Majesty Demo (PC) (10min)

Tried the demo for Majesty 1, Majesty 2 just came out but I read that Majesty one was great so I tried it out. Majesty is an old game and the demo was pretty bad. I couldn't change the video resolution and it was at 800x600 so I had a hard time managing my city when I could only see one building at a time. There was no instructions but I could figure it out but I kept on getting attacked and losing my peasants and heroes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Diablo 2, Rachet and Clank, Beatles RB, Tennis, Graw 2, Creed Live

Diablo 2 (PC) (3.5 Hr)

Had a good time on Sunday playing with Mary Catherine and Mark Boyd, we have one quest left on the first level. This game is still a lot of fun but it does need to be updated and I hope Diablo 3 will come out soon, it's projected to release in 2011 which is way too far off.

Ratchet and Clank (PS3) (1.5 Hr)

I finally finished this game last night and am ready for the new one to come out.
I've read that the new one will have more things to do because the first one just felt like the old games with a new graphical overlay and I have to agree. I want to see some more puzzle elements added but not with the PS3 motion controls. There is a part in the game where you have a puzzle that I thought required the motion controls and I kept failing and almost quit playing until the game asked if I wanted to use the analog stick instead of mc. That is a nice feature that a game will notice that you are having trouble and suggest something to try as did Batman.

Beatles RB (360) (1.5 Hr)

Played with Kathleen on drums and me on Bass and microphone and we played a lot of songs and had a blast. I got to try out the harmonies a little bit when you sing you can turn the harmonies on or off. It was hard trying to sing the harmonies when you don't know the words that well and your playing bass but we pulled it off until I hit my toe on my mic stand and then I was out.

Tennis (Live) (1.5 Hr)

I went and played some real tennis on Saturday night and had a good time, I need to do more of that.

Creed (PC) (2 Hr)

Watched the Creed concert live on and it set the Guiness WR for the most HD cameras used to film an outdoor event with 270 HD camera's. The quality was great and it was pretty close to HD. I had router problems but the sound and video quality left me impressed.

Graw 2 (360) (30min)

Thought I'd give this a try and once again just not my game. I had one instance where I ordered my team to assault and one guy went behind a car and the enemy was on the same side of the car and he didn't even try to shoot him they just crouched and looked the opposite directions so I turned the game off.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Demos

Forza 3 and Brutal Legend demos are out there.

I am looking forward to both of these titles so hopefully they are good.

Penguin Wii Gun, Halo ODST, Madden 10, Beatles RB, Metroid

Penguin Wii Gun (Wii) ($40)

This is a new Wii gun controller that is actually a controller and not just a shell to put your Wii controller in, I lost control of this sentence, sorry. It supports more rumble and a louder speaker than the Wiimote. I tried a couple of games with it and here are the results.

HOTD Overkill worked okay it has calibration setup but it was always a little off the the left but this was the case with just the normal Wiimote, but I was able to finish a campaign without the cursor on the screen and had fun playing. The guns speaker did have a problem or maybe it's just supposed to be this way but it made screeching noises the whole time I played it.

Ghost Squad worked about the same and it's calibration was a lot better and was almost spot on with the sights so I was pleased but at one point the Wii and the gun lost connection and I couldn't do anything until I turned the gun off then back on.

Resident Evil uses the nunchuck and it was hard playing with my other gun controllers because it uses buttons on the wiimote. The gun has all these buttons in easy access except for the + and - which are on the side and you must use your other hand to reach those. I did have problems switching my guns in the game, you use the C button on the nunchuck which is plugged into the bottom of the gun and it was like the button was getting stuck and I kept scrolling through my guns so there may be a problem with the gun and a nunchuck.

The Gun feels great but it has some minor hiccups that do bug me so I may have to return it.

Halo ODST (360) (1Hr)

I am playing on the heroic difficulty and I got frustrated yesterday because I was dying so much but I stuck with it and am enjoying the game now. I would like to play the firefight mode but there is no matchmaking for that so you have to play with friends which is nice but no one was playing that mode so I couldn't try it out.

Madden 10 (360) 45mi)

Played my franchise game against Brent last night and our connection dropped which is a first for me but there was noticable lag during the game so he finished the game against the CPU and I'm not sure of the outcome.

Beatles RB(360) (45 min)

I finished the Story mode and it's a great game with a cool video at the end. I am going to play through the story on Bass next.

Metroid (Wii) (1hr)

The save system in this game stinks and now I'm going to have to play through the same part 3 times because it's too tough and too long without a save. I almost quit playing because of this but I'll stick with it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halo ODST, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 Ravenshield, Metroid Prime

Halo ODST (360) (30min)

There is a lot of buzz about this game and I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it or not.
If you buy it at Toy's R Us you get a $20 GC and an action figure which isn't too bad, but I was lucky enough to rent a copy. So far it does feel like Halo but you can tell right away that you aren't Master Chief as grunts will make you use the environment as shields because if they gang up on you, you will be reloading from a checkpoint.

Rainbow 6 Ravenshield (PC) (30min)

Playing terrorist hunt with Rusty this weekend reminded me that I never finished Ravenshield on the PC, so I loaded it up and went through the first mission and the games feel totally different. It is going to take some getting used and even then I may just not play it.

Ghost Recon (360) (30min)

After the realization above I thought I'd try GR since I didn't beat that either but it is nothing like Rainbow Six since you don't even see your gun but just a recticle. It just wasn't the type of game that I wanted to play so I put it up as well.

Metroid Prime (Wii) (1Hr)

I got the Wave blaster after struggling to remember where I needed to go, I'm almost to the point of where I stopped playing the last time so we'll see how much further I play. The artwork and layout of the levels is still great and I hope we will see another Metroid game like this soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming Games

Here is a list of games that I am interested in for the rest of the year.

Dead Space Extraction -- 28-Sep Wii
My Sims Agent -- 29-Sep Wii
Uncharted 2 -- 13-Oct PS3
Brutal Legend -- 13-Oct All
Borderlands -- 20-Oct All
Forza 3 -- 27-Oct 360
Alpha Protocol -- 27-Oct All
Ratchet and Clank -- 27-Oct PS3
Dragon Age -- 3-Nov All
RB Lego -- 3-Nov All
COD 2 -- 10-Nov All
Red Steel 2 -- 10-Nov Wii
Assassins Creed 2 -- 17-Nov All
Resident Evil DC -- 17-Nov Wii

Murumasa Demon Blade, Top Spin 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Harbor Master, GD Swarm

Murumasa Demon Blade (Wii) (3HR)

If you have a Wii then you should pick this game up. It is a 2-D action platformer with some stunning artwork, if you've played or seen Odin Sphere then you will know what to expect. It has some minor RPG elements where you can cook and forge more than a 100 swords, but the main game is all fighting enemies and it works well. You can button mash some but later in the game you will need to have learned some of the other techniques as different enemies require different strategies.

Top Spin 3 (360) (45 min)

I watched a lot of the U.S. Open which got me in the mood for a tennis game so I picked this up for $20. It is pretty tough and has a hard learning curve but I think that it will be worth it as I am getting tired of Virtua Tennis arcade style. I have just spent time learning the mechanics so hopefully will start my virtual career soon.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) (3Hr)

Played Terrorist Hunt with Rusty yesterday and that game is awesome and I'm not sure why we didn't play that more. The enemies in that game have some great A.I. and will do all sorts of things to stop you. So if you have the game and see us out there let's play.

HarborMaster (IPhone) (20min)

If you like making frantic movements with your fingers then get this game. You basically guide ships into port then take them out to sea without colliding with other boats doing the same.

GD Swarm (IPhone) (10min)

This is a tower defense game that is very tough and I couldn't get past the second mission so not sure about this one.

Powerline Adapter

If you need ethernet and don't want to run cables then get this product. It works perfectly although you can't get fast speeds if you plug this into a power supply, for the product to work optimally you must plug directly into a wall socket. I was able to stream HD video from Netflix on my 360 when I plugged in directly, when I tried the power supply I started in HD but the connection couldn't keep up and it kept downgrading my signal, but this should be expected so I have no problems with it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lode Runner, Batman AA, Dirt 2

Lode Runner (XBLA) (1Hr)

Played the journey and puzzles last night with Rusty and had a blast. The journey has some really intense maps and you have to make some quick decisions which we were not doing so we died a lot. The puzzle levels are tough and require some thinking and great teamwork.

Batman AA (360) (1HR)

Got the game from BB last night so I could beat the game on hard and get the achievements, plus I wanted to see the differences between the two but haven't
seen any yet.

Dirt 2 (360) (30min)

Played a couple of races but was too tired from the night before.

I bought Muramasa for the Wii today so hopefully I get some time tonight to play.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crackdown, Lode Runner, Sacred 2, Madden 10

Crackdown (360) (1Hr)

If you've never tried this game I suggest you go out and buy it now it is really cheap but a good open world game. If you like collecting things then this is your game, if you like shooting guys then this is your game, if you like jumping high and running fast then this is your game, if you like transformers then this is your game(once your level is high enough when you enter a vehicle it will transform into a better vehicle with weapons. They have announced Crackdown 2 so I am going to try and finish this game and I am about 3/4 through so hopefully get this completed this month.

Lode Runner (XBLA) (3HR)

George and I played this till 2:30 last night and it was a blast. This game is 33% off this week, $10, and it is a great co-op game. We had a lot of laughs and one stage took us about 20 minutes or more to complete and it's only getting tougher.

Sacred 2 (360) (2HR)

Played with Mitch, MC(Mary Catherine), and George and had some good times although we couldn't beat the Kobold Chieftan, we spent about 5 minutes hitting him and did no damage.

Madden 10 (360) (45min)

Played against George and lost but we had a good match and I couldn't execute in my :50 drill. I also setup our franchise tonight so hopefully we will get some games in this week and advance the season.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Diablo 2

I didn't play much last night because of football watching but did register my
Diablo 2 and LOD keys on and downloaded the game to play without using the CD and it works fine. Now I need to finish Diablo 2.

I did buy a dremel and used it to build a box for the GH4 Drum guts. This way I don't need the GH4 drums to hookup to my real set I just need this box and I can control it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Releases this Week

Need for Speed: Shift - I may pick this up as reviews are positive so far and the commercial look awesome.


Scribblenauts, Dawn of War 2, Batman, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Shadow Complex, Dirt 2, Beatles, RB 2

Well I was off on vacation for a few days last week and I got a lot of gaming in and actually finished some games.

Scribblenauts (NDS) (30min)

This is a new release this week and it's a great puzzle game. The hook to this game is that you solve problems by typing words then they come to life on the screen. Say you need to get an apple out of a tree, you can type ladder and then it will appear and you place the ladder on the tree then climb up or you can type chainsaw and then saw the tree down, there are endless solutions. I think the total word count is around 22,000 so pick this up for a different game play experience.

Dawn of War 2 (Steam) (1hr)

This is an RTS that does away with base building and limits the units you can use and it's awesome. It also plays a little like Diablo in that you get loot and upgrade your team members.

Batman AA (360) (3hr)

Finished this story of the game but I still need to get about 50 more riddles and finish the challenges. This was one of the best games that I've played in a long time, and I don't think I even saw one bug or problem. I really enjoyed the voice work and the story and thought it was well written and I hope games start telling better stories.

Killzone 2 (PS3) (1hr)

Been meaning to finish this one and got it done this weekend. The final boss took me 19 min and 21 seconds and I got a trophy for beating the boss under 20 minutes, he was really tough. I may go back and replay the game since they did tweak the controls and I finally got a handle on them. It wasn't a bad game but just not great.

Shadow Complex (360) (2Hr)

Finished the story of this game in about 8 hours, I still have some items that I need to finish in order to get a %100. I will go back and play it again and try
to get my guy to level 50 he's 25 right now.

Dirt 2 (360) (3Hr)

The graphics of this game are awesome and it plays really well with the 360 driving wheel. I do suggest that you install any Racing game to the 360 Hard drive as it really increases the loading times of races. The online play of this game is flawless even when you crash into a group of players there is no lag.

Beatles (360) (2Hr)

About 30 out of 45 songs in and some are pretty tough. I do like the game and do recommend it.

RB 2 (360) (5hr)

This game still rocks. I tried GH5 but the mix of the music is very different and just feels off. The songs in RB just sound and are mixed a lot better and that's because Harmonix are musicians.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WIPLN:Legendary, RB 2, Call of Duty 3

Legendary (360) (1hr)

Since I have the Block Buster Game Pass I will try bad games just to see how bad they are, so far this game isn't so bad. It starts off with a lot of action going on around you and you are escaping from a museum and bad things are happening. It is a first person shooter with magical creatures as enemies.

RB2 (360) (1Hr)

Bought Gasoline(Audioslave) and Kryptonite(3DD), both songs are fun to play. After getting my surround sound working on the 360 I was able to crank up the music and drum away. I walked outside to see how much noise the neighbors might be hearing and I could hear the bass a little but not too much.

Call of Duty 3 (360) (45min)

Finished one more mission with 5 more to go.

Beatles Rock Band and Dirt 2 were purchased today and I have Thursday and Friday off so it's Game time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

WIPTW: Dish, Condemned 2, Orbital, COD 3, Batman, GH5, Wolfenstein, Shadow Complex,

Wow I had a pretty busy Labor Day weekend with not much game playing until Monday.
I just had Dish network installed to watch football and man did I spend too much money. Don't you just love technicians who are real friendly to you and you know they are going to charge you extra. He did work about 6 hours but I did cut a lot of his time out by doing work arounds but still ended up paying him an extra $60.

I got my HDMI switch in and it works perfectly and this is without having to run power to it. I thought that I had a problem though as I was playing Condemned 2 and didn't hear anything out of my back speakers and my receiver just said Direct and I usually see DD. I thought my switch wasn't working so I plugged it straight into the receiver and same thing. Somehow my Xbox audio settings were digital stereo arghhhhh....

Condemned 2 (360) (2hr)

I bought this game a long time ago and played some but I restarted it last night so I could be creeped out, of course without my back speakers not working it lesson the effect but once I got that figured out creepiness insued. The combat of this game was giving me problems at first because I think the reach of the enemies is a little too much but once I calibrated I started doing better. If you want a cool and creepy game then pick this up. I did finish the first game and I hope to finish the second.

Orbital (IPhone) (10min)

Neat little game that the graphics remind me of Geometry Wars and gameplay like Drop 7.

Call of Duty 3 (360) (4hr)

I never really played this game and I wanted to just shoot some things so I put this disc in and am really enjoying it. The sound is very well done and satisfying.

Batman (PS3) (3Hr)

Getting closer I am about to fight Poison Ivy. This game does have some suprising moments and I'm loving it. It's going to take some time to find all of the Riddles but I am going too. The Scarecrow missions are awesome.

Shadow Complex (XBLA) (1HR)

Got past where I was stuck and it was a user error.

Wolfenstein (360) (1Hr)

This started off really good but once I got the special powers where you "switch" planes it turned me off because I just wanted to shoot stuff and not have to think so I will play this later but for now I'm going to return it.

GH5 (360) (1HR)

I just don't like a lot of the setlist so I am not having much fun.

Grid 2 and Beatles come out this week so there goes some more money.

Friday, September 4, 2009

RE 5, Batman AA

RE 5 (360) (3Hr)
Getting about half way through on this one and this is still a great game but must be played with a friend.

Batman AA (PS3) (2HR)
Half way through this one and it is getting more difficult in the combat arena. I will probably try this game on Hard once I've finished but they don't prompt the counter attacks so it gets pretty tough.

HDMI Switcher

I have this on order as I want to hook up my PC to my projector and am out of HDMI ports I found one for around $20 that is supposed to be pretty good and has auto switching.

Ethernet through Electric

I have been researching this and might make the plunge to try this out so I don't have to run wires anywhere. Anyone have any experience with them?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guitar Hero 5, Resident Evil 5

GH5 (360) (1hr)

Another GH game, I've bought all the rest so might as well get this. I do like the new look and ease of getting into the game now. The game was playing a song in the menu screen so I turned on my drums and I started playing the song right then without having to go into any menus and it was great. The game play is the same but they have added some more detail to the graphics so the rockers don't look as robotic. All songs are open from the start which is another nice addition.

RE 5 (360) (3HR)

Played with Rusty last night and we had a great time. It did take us awhile to beat one boss as we were running in circles for about 15 minutes but we eventually burned him. I really like this game and I'm glad that I am playing it again. Steven has to get this game eventually so we can play co-op.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wolfenstein, Batman AA, Rise of the Argonauts, Shadow Complex

Wolfenstein (360) (1hr)

After returning the awful Rise of the Argonauts they finally had Wolfenstein at BB.
I redid my subwoofer setup after noticing that the oomph was gone out of my sound so that took about 30 minutes, but wow the difference that made. The gun sounds in this game are really powerful, the single shot rifle especially. This game feels like an old school shooter and I like that. There are some neat special effects and shooting enemies while you and they are floating through the air is really fun.

Rise of the Argonauts (360) (15 min)

Bad and buggy game. I got caught on a doorway everytime I passed one, the hit detection is off just enough to cause frustration. The premise sounded good but I don't want games to frustrate me.

Batman AA (360) (2Hr)

This game continues to shine and has definitely kept my interest, as they change the fighting slightly and add new abilities. I really like trying to crack the electrical boxes. Get this game.

Shadow Complex (360) (10min)

I am stuck and not sure where to go. Arghhhhh.