Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halo ODST, Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6 Ravenshield, Metroid Prime

Halo ODST (360) (30min)

There is a lot of buzz about this game and I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy it or not.
If you buy it at Toy's R Us you get a $20 GC and an action figure which isn't too bad, but I was lucky enough to rent a copy. So far it does feel like Halo but you can tell right away that you aren't Master Chief as grunts will make you use the environment as shields because if they gang up on you, you will be reloading from a checkpoint.

Rainbow 6 Ravenshield (PC) (30min)

Playing terrorist hunt with Rusty this weekend reminded me that I never finished Ravenshield on the PC, so I loaded it up and went through the first mission and the games feel totally different. It is going to take some getting used and even then I may just not play it.

Ghost Recon (360) (30min)

After the realization above I thought I'd try GR since I didn't beat that either but it is nothing like Rainbow Six since you don't even see your gun but just a recticle. It just wasn't the type of game that I wanted to play so I put it up as well.

Metroid Prime (Wii) (1Hr)

I got the Wave blaster after struggling to remember where I needed to go, I'm almost to the point of where I stopped playing the last time so we'll see how much further I play. The artwork and layout of the levels is still great and I hope we will see another Metroid game like this soon.

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