Monday, August 31, 2009

WIPTW: Batman AA, Metroid Prime, Madden 10, HOTD, Mario Galaxy, Endless Ocean

Batman (360) (4Hr)

I'm about 30% through and have unlocked quite a few upgrades. I really like the writing and the story of the game it is very well written and at time quite disturbing. Some of the interview tapes that you find let hear from the inmates themselves and they are well told and at time do make me cringe.

Metroid Prime (Wii) (2Hr)

Madden 10 (360) (1hr)

Played with some more slider settings and I've finally found some that I can run on. I had a great match against the Eagles and I was down 4 with :58 to go and I came back and won with a touchdown pass. I had over 100 yards rushing and the holes where there and the eagles rushed for about the same. I'll post these sliders later, but they are Bill Harris from Dubious Quality, his V3 sliders.

House of the Dead Overkill (Wii) (1hr)

Playing through the directors cut that adds more enemies and more paths but only 3 lives, and I'm at the fourth level out of 6 so I am getting close.

Endless Ocean (Wii) (30min)

Great game for relaxing.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) (1hr)

I never finished this game but I only had 16 stars to go and I got 2 of them yesterday so I am inching closer.

I got a new Plasma TV for the Wii and that's why I played many Wii games, it does improve the graphics quite a bit.

Friday, August 28, 2009

WIPLN:Sacred 2, Madden 10, Space Invadersm BF1943

Sacred 2 (360) (45min)
We played a little of this, Donald's played a lot, since Steven has a bad internet connection.

Madden 10 (360) (1hr)
Played an online game against Steven and lost. I wish you could change more options in the online environment like sliders and speed but it's still fun. I hope to get the league setup this weekend and ready to start next week.

BF1943 (360) (20min)
Played a couple of matches with everyone.

Space Invaders (Iphone) (30min)

Haven't finished the campaign yet but still evolving so I am getting better weapons and extras.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WIPLN:Batman AA, Metroid Prime

Batman AA (PS3) (3HR)

I had some really WOW moments last night during some boss fights. This game has it all and I'm finally getting a lot better at the combat. Successful combat is in the rhythm of your punches so smashing on the attack button is not the thing to do, you need to time your punch till just after you hit one guy then hit attack to go to the next and then you will have true free-form combat and the different animations are awesome. I played through a challenge level last night where you fight 4 rounds of baddies trying to hit max combos and increase your score. There are other bonuses, not getting hit, kill all enemies in one combo, and clear the ring, which if you can hit the last guy over the rails you will get that bonus. The challenge maps are a great way to improve on your skills so do play them before you beat the game.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) (1hr)

Trying to play both of these at the same time is getting a little tough but I will try and play for an hour before I goto bed and the game is still great after all these years. I have it hooked up to a 20' TV which is small but the graphics really shine.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WIPLN:Batman Arkham Asylum, Metroid Prime Trilogy

Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) (1hr)

I bought this through Amazon for $47 and got it on the same day as release so that worked out pretty well. I didn't get to put too much time into it because of Wallyball but enjoyed my little time that I did get to spend with it. I got the PS3 version because of the Joker as an exclusive character to use in the challenge mode. There was an install of 1.3G but it did mention that I could install 3G more to make the experience faster but I didn't see where to enable or try that.

In the opening video as it was panning down on the city I noticed a couple of hitches in the frame rate which made me think uh-oh I got the wrong version but after those 2 small hiccups I didn't see it again in the first hour. The graphics are pretty amazing, there is a zoom function and I zoomed in on Jokers face as we were taking him to his cell and the lighting and textures were awesome. The voice work is also excellent I really like Mark Hamill as the Joker and his dialog was perfect.

The combat seems simple at first as there is only one button to punch and one to counter but the moves are devastating. On the final blow the action slows down and then you see Batman pummel the enemy which is very satisfying. You point the stick at which enemy you want to hit so you are flying around to different enemies and the animations are varied and fluid. I am very satisfied with the combat.

The detective skills are okay and it has a nice filter when you use it to see where the enemies are and if they have weapons. The sneak aspect and silent take downs are done well.

I definitely recommend getting this game.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) (30min)

I've been wanting this game since it was announced, all 3 Metroid games using the new control style. I have all 3 games but only beat the 3rd one so I want to go back and play the others in order.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WIPLN:Space Invaders Infinity Gene, The Witcher, Shadow Complex, Demon Souls, Madden 10

My parents came to see the house this weekend and we had a good time but I did get to play alot of games this weekend.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Iphone) (30 min)

I have been wanting to buy this but I was waiting for a price drop but it never came so I went ahead and purchased it at $5. This is one of the best Iphone games that I have played as it fast and fun and can be played with one finger. I didn't really like space invaders but it takes the initial concept and mixes it with other shooters to create a new great game. I saw things that reminded me of Qix. It will also generate new levels based on your own music collection which is another nice addition.

The Witcher (PC) (4HR)

Hooked up my PC to the projector and playing it there now, this game is really beautiful especially at dusk the lighting is really done well. I am almost as far as the last time I played and I really need to push through and finish this game.

Shadow Complex (360) (1hr)

Getting farther but I'm having a little trouble aiming accurately but since you takes many shots to kill you it's not a big deal.

Demon Souls (PS3) (3HR)

Still getting farther and farther and finally beat a huge boss. Your weapon selection really matters in this game as some weapons do no damage at all plus you can put different effects on your weapons like fire, ice, magic to do more damage.

Madden 10 (360) (3hr)

Played a couple of more games against George and had a good time although he wasn't. He throws too many picks because he's trying to throw into double coverage and thats a no-no. I hope to get our Madden League started this week as well.

Batman Asylum is out this week along with Metroid Prime Trilogy which I am picking them both up so I should have some impressions tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WIPLN:Shadow Complex, Splosion Man, Madden 10

Shadow Complex (XBLA) (1Hr)

I've been waiting for this game and it was the last one to come out of XBLA games of summer so was it worth it?

So far I am having a lot of fun with it. It plays like Super Metroid in that you are navigating a map with interconnecting rooms and doors that require different weapons to open. The graphics are nice to look at the and the animations look fine. You aim with the right stick which is a little touchy till you get used to it. I do like the fact that it keeps track of how close you are to getting achievements and it also compares you to your friends. I was really tired last night so I didn't get to play all that I wanted so hopefully I'll find some time this weekend.

Splosion Man (XBLA) (30min)

While waiting for Shadow Complex to load I played about 5 more levels of Splosion man. The levels do get tough but you feel accomplishment when you pull off some cool moves. I think I'm on level 1-15 and there are 50 of them so away to go.

Madden 10 (XBLA) (30min)

I also tried playing this while waiting for SC to download but since it connects to EA live you can't have anything download in the background and there is no way to turn that off, boo. I am still trying some sliders but I just need to play the game and have fun so hopefully I'll do that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WIPLN:Madden 10, Trails HD

Madden 10 (360) (1hr)

I wanted to try a couple of slider settings for Madden, I tried Bill Harris's, from
Dubious Quality, and his was set to play on the very fast setting which I really didn't like. You also had to play on the wide camera which isn't that bad but it does take time to get used to. I did have a pretty realistic game but it wasn't much fun so I turned down the game to fast but that was still too fast for me, I tried the settings on normal and they didn't feel right. He is going to revamp them soon so hopefully I can find some to play on the slow or normal setting.

Trails HD (PC) (5 min)

This is on XBLA now and I had bought it on Steam about 3 months ago and so I thought I would try this again. It is okay but a lot of trial and error and I don't think it controls well using a keyboard so I need to try and hookup my 360 controller to my PC and give it a go again.

Shadow Complex is out today go buy it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WIPLN:Madden 10, FNR4

Madden 10 (360) (2hr)

George and I played against each other last night online and had a fun time. This was his first time playing Madden 10 so I easily beat him. There was some lag but not too much and you get to see some cool camera angles of the stadiums while in multiplayer they you don't get to see in single player while your waiting for them to pick their play.

We then tried the new co-op mode where we played on the same team against the computer and it was okay but was very tough. The host is the only one that calls the play so the second person may get bored. Your camera is behind the player you choose like in superstar mode, I sure wish this was in the single player as it really looks and plays nice. Offense was pretty tough though. We completed some passes but the routes are hard to run.

FNR4 (360) (2hr)

George got his revenge on me here where he won 2 out of 3 matches. I didn't notice any slowdown while we played and we were moving and throwing quite a bit. I still don't like the knockdown/getup mini-game it just doesn't feel right. You are able to take created boxers against each other which is a nice touch and we had a good time even though he would knock me out in the 8th round.

Shadow Complex (360)

Shadow Complex comes out tomorrow on XBLA and it looks to be really awesome. I haven't read many reviews or watched too many videos because I don't want to spoil anything. It is like a mix between Castlevania and Metroid in a current day setting with an average guy as the hero.

Monday, August 17, 2009

WIPTW:The Witcher, Madden 10, Demon Souls, I Love You Man

The Witcher (PC) (3hr)

They just released the directors cut of this game about 2 weeks ago that adds some new content. I played this game before for about 5 hours but stopped and I'm not sure why. This is a great action/adventure game. It uses a heavily modified Neverwinter Nights engine and it looks great. I really like the music and the voice work. The lead character has a deep resonating voice which fits the character well.

It plays a little like Diablo where you point and click to attack enemies but there are different swords you must use on different enemies and there is a timing to the attacks. Instead of just clicking away the attacks are time based and if you mistime then you lose your combo. It really gives the combat a sense of strategy and I do really like it.

The biggest hook of this game is that the choices you make will come back later in the game. There is no black or white there is a lot of gray areas that you must choose and suffer the consequences.

Madden 10 (360) (10hr)

I haven't really liked Madden in the past as I was a NFL2K5 man but they have added enough features to remind me of NFL2k and I have played Madden more now than ever in the past. I remember playing Madden on the PC with one of my friends Brent, about 20 years ago. The guys were about 10 pixels apiece but we had a blast. Now with Madden 10 they have really upped the presentation which was really missing and should have been added long ago.

I am really liking the gameplay. I am using Myskill and as I am improving the games are getting better. I like the passing and I need to get better at running as I rarely break tackles. I am playing with the Cowboys and Barber is getting hammered but Jones has broken 2 long runs for touchdowns and I had my first TD Kickoff return which felt nice. I still see bad blocking by the full backs and some linemen which does bother me, one time my OL just turned and backed into the DL which did nothing and I got creamed. I have also noticed that defenders will sometimes turn around subsecond, I was running and the defender had is back to me but he turned around almost automatically and tackled me after watching the replay I was furious. Also they do cutoff the replays to I think 30 seconds so you may not get the full play which does stink. I do like the presentation except for the announcers I am hearing a lot of repeats so I may just turn them off, the crowd and stadium noise is well done though.

I may sound like I'm griping a lot but I really have enjoyed my time with it and now they just have some small things to fix for next year.

Demon Souls (PS3) (8hrs)

Man this game is killing me. You really have to experiment with weapon types to do well, so if you hit a guy and it does little damage change your equipment. This may sound easy but there is no pause and you can only equip 2 weapons/shields per hand so you have to be on your toes. I have progressed slowly but I am really enjoying this game it has a lot to offer and a lot of strategy to go along with the action.

I Love You Man (PS3) (2hr)

Rented this and watched Saturday night and it was a funny movie. I like the main actors and it had an entertaining story.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

WIPLN:Wolfenstien 3d Rpg, Rockstar Ping Pong, Grid, Demon Souls, Rock Band

Wolfenstien 3D Rpg (Iphone) (30min)

This just came out for the IPhone yesterday for $4.99. You move around like a
first-person shooter but the combat is turn-based. The graphics have a nice cell shaded look that is impressive on the IPhone. You will hear some classic sounds during the game that should bring back some memories. For some reason chickens are big in this game and I'm not sure why but if you shoot them they will turn into roasted chickens that will give you a health boost.

Combat is turn-based and you have multiple weapons you can use. I really like punching enemies as it does a close up of their face and it made me think of Punch-out.

RockStar Ping Pong (360) (45min)

After playing some Wii Sport Resort Ping Pong I thought that I'd give the Rockstar game a go again after about 4 years of not playing it. Hopefully they will release a new version for the Wii that uses the motion plus because the analog sticks don't really feel right.

GRID (360) (30min)

I have Grid for the PS3 but I wanted to try it for the 360 since I could install it to my hard drive and it makes a big difference. It would take about 15 seconds to load a race and now it is only about 5 seconds which is a big difference when you are looking at a screen. I still am horrible at the game but it is a great racing game, the AI is really good as enemies will spin out in front of you and in one case I had earlier hit another racer and later they bumped me into a billboard so it really feels like you are racing real people.

Demon Souls (PS3) (3HR)

Most of my gaming time is going to this game and I am still dying like crazy. The soldier class is a lot easier than the wanderer and I was able to make it farther but the next big enemy I faced was HUGE and I'm not sure how to take him down so I need to experiment but it's not easy to get back to him when you die. I am starting to see that I am getting better and learning how to fight. I am used to rushing in and not caring too much about getting hit because other games help you out so in this you never want to rush. Every enemy can kill you and you need to react accordingly to their actions.

RockBand (360) (45min)

Finally got my drums setup to where I like them and I played a couple of songs. Still RockBand, still great.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WIPLN:Demon's Souls, Wii Resort, Netflix

Well I should be posting everyday for awhile now as I am mostly finished with my moving in and can enjoy being a home owner. I have my projector setup in the dining room for now so I am sitting pretty close to the screen but it will work for now.

Demon's Souls (PS3) (8hrs)

I got this game in on Friday but didn't get to play until Saturday so I was really excited to play it and I really like this game. It is basically a third person adventure/combat game. You have around 10 different classes to choose from and I read somewhere that they all play the same but I chose 3 different classes and they all feel different. I started out with a wanderer who is fast, agile, and could dodge roll out of enemy attacks. I then tried the soldier who is great at blocking but when you try to dodge roll he kind of flubs on his roll as he sits on his back a bit longer so the roll takes longer and isn't as smooth so I don't use that move too much but he blocks everything and will push the attacker away so there are differences on each class.

This game is tough and if you rush in even the weakest enemy will kill you so you must be on your toes and ready for enemy ambushes and traps which makes the game intense and more realistic.

Wii Resort (Wii) (2hr)

I have Tiger Woods and really like it but I only had one Wii motion plus and I wanted another so I got the game and really enjoyed what I played. My favorite so far is the table tennis, it is well represented in this game and I can put spins and counter spins on the ball and it react accordingly I hope Rockstar will put out a new table tennis game for the WMP. The sword fighting and archery round out my top 3 and they both feel and play great.

Netflix (360) (4hr)

The new update on 360 is supposed to make the Netflix streaming better and it has for me. I signed up again on Saturday and watch a movie and it did downsize the movie twice because of my internet connection. On Tuesday I tried again and it didn't happen at all so that was nice. I signed up for the 8.99 plan and I have unlimited streaming and they have a lot of older movies and shows that I want to watch so it is pretty cheap and I don't have to leave my Sumo Sac.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

WIPLN:Killzone 2, House of the Dead

Well I re-setup my speakers so I had to rerun the auto setup function on my receiver. My Onkyo receiver is really nice and all of them now have the auto setup features. You just place a small microphone, it's included, where you will be sitting and it will calibrate each speaker for maximum performance. You can make changes to the setup if something is off but it measures the speakers distance and it is spot on. When it was calibrating my subwoofer is sounded like someone was downstairs banging on my door.

Killzone 2 (PS3)(30 Min)

Tried this again with the new setup and the sound is done really well. I finally got to a part where you pilot a mech and I really enjoyed it then I was back on foot and meh turned if off. I will eventually finish this game but I wish the controls felt better.

House of the Dead Overkill (WII)(30 min)

I setup my Wii on the TV in the Living Room and wanted to try it out to see how well it would play with my gun and it was pretty much calibrated and felt nice. I have beat the game so now I am on the Director's Cut and the missions are longer and much harder since you start all over and have to re buy weapons and upgrades. This game is fun but I wish you could turn off the vulgar language as I just don't want to hear it. I did notice more slowdown in the DC than in normal play but it doesn't distract too much from the experience.

I bought Wii resort today so I'll have impressions up tomorrow. I've heard a lot of good things about this game and I needed another MP anyway so hopefully I'll get to play some tonight.

I also imported Demon Souls(PS3) from Asia today but it has full English voices and text. It's a rouge like dungeon crawler where if you're not careful any enemy can kill you. It does have a neat multi player component where you can write hints on walls then other adventurers can read it and if it was helpful they are able to rate it and you can gain a little health bump which is a neat concept. It's coming out in the US in October but I didn't want to wait as it could get pushed back but it looks like a game that I have been waiting for.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Wow nothing again what is wrong with me. Actually I was pretty tired already and playing wallyball was good exercise so I went to bed early and didn't play anything,
hopefully that will change tonight.

I was looking to see how much it would cost for my lawn to be totally taken care of for a year, which they would come by every week and the cost $3000. I think that I'm
going to pass on that for now and just man up and mow unless this one lead works out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIPLN:Red Faction

I finally got my video stuff setup and although I'm in a small room right now it is pretty awesome, I am able to shake the room and not worry about the neighbors. I watched a few scenes from some Blu-ray movies just to hear how well or poor the surround sound is and it's pretty good so I am happy and hopefully just have to stay
this way for a couple of months.

Red Faction

I set the difficulty down to Casual and then went on a rampage against some windmills. There were about 12 to take down and I wasn't careful on the first one and once I hit the base with my hammer I didn't run fast enough and if fell and killed me. From then on it was hit and run time and guards were coming from everywhere. I almost died a couple of times but it was a lot of fun so I may keep the casual setting just to be able to cause chaos and not a loading screen.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile due to moving and I am still exhausted. My hands and feet are swollen and my back is aching. Anyway I started to setup my projector again and should have everything up and running tonight hopefully.