Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WIPLN:Red Faction

I finally got my video stuff setup and although I'm in a small room right now it is pretty awesome, I am able to shake the room and not worry about the neighbors. I watched a few scenes from some Blu-ray movies just to hear how well or poor the surround sound is and it's pretty good so I am happy and hopefully just have to stay
this way for a couple of months.

Red Faction

I set the difficulty down to Casual and then went on a rampage against some windmills. There were about 12 to take down and I wasn't careful on the first one and once I hit the base with my hammer I didn't run fast enough and if fell and killed me. From then on it was hit and run time and guards were coming from everywhere. I almost died a couple of times but it was a lot of fun so I may keep the casual setting just to be able to cause chaos and not a loading screen.

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