Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WIPLN:Batman Arkham Asylum, Metroid Prime Trilogy

Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) (1hr)

I bought this through Amazon for $47 and got it on the same day as release so that worked out pretty well. I didn't get to put too much time into it because of Wallyball but enjoyed my little time that I did get to spend with it. I got the PS3 version because of the Joker as an exclusive character to use in the challenge mode. There was an install of 1.3G but it did mention that I could install 3G more to make the experience faster but I didn't see where to enable or try that.

In the opening video as it was panning down on the city I noticed a couple of hitches in the frame rate which made me think uh-oh I got the wrong version but after those 2 small hiccups I didn't see it again in the first hour. The graphics are pretty amazing, there is a zoom function and I zoomed in on Jokers face as we were taking him to his cell and the lighting and textures were awesome. The voice work is also excellent I really like Mark Hamill as the Joker and his dialog was perfect.

The combat seems simple at first as there is only one button to punch and one to counter but the moves are devastating. On the final blow the action slows down and then you see Batman pummel the enemy which is very satisfying. You point the stick at which enemy you want to hit so you are flying around to different enemies and the animations are varied and fluid. I am very satisfied with the combat.

The detective skills are okay and it has a nice filter when you use it to see where the enemies are and if they have weapons. The sneak aspect and silent take downs are done well.

I definitely recommend getting this game.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) (30min)

I've been wanting this game since it was announced, all 3 Metroid games using the new control style. I have all 3 games but only beat the 3rd one so I want to go back and play the others in order.

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