Wednesday, July 29, 2009


FNR4 (360)(2hr)

Didn't get a chance to play too much but there was some new DLC for Fight Night Round 4 that added some sliders and some new equipment so I spent some time playing with them. I first tried some sliders from OS and the fight was pretty good but a little to tough for me so I backed down a couple of settings and had some really good fights. I am starting to hear a lot of the same commentary which stinks. I wanted to fight at Sugar Ray Leonard but you have to pay 1.20 for him which I do not like charging for a single boxer. I tried out a few different camera angles and the ref seems the best to me with close a close second.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WIPLN:Fight Night Round 4, Killzone 2

Fight Night Round 4 (360)(3hrs)

I did go out and buy the game, it's $50 at Best Buy this week and I had some coupons and money left on my GC so the game was free.

I played quite a bit of this game and it is really good but my thumb got very tired and sore and it wasn't my right thumb. You punch with your right thumb and move with your left and moving is what caused the problem. If you are a good boxer and play like the real sport you should always be moving and if the person you are fighting is aggressive then be prepared to be moving back at all times.

I created my boxer and used the EA Game face and it didn't work well as my guy didn't really look like me, I'm going to try with a new picture later. They had my last name in their database so it does call me by my last name which is a nice touch. I started my career in the amateur tournament and lost in the first round, I think that as a professional I'm 2-0. They have a similar menu system like UFC and I wish there was a better way of doing the career mode, they need to somehow make it engaging besides just text. I played a couple of mini games and they are OK although I didn't know what to do on one of them.

Then I went to play online with my created player and they even out all the stats in the World Championship mode to make it even but I'm not sure about that. The first 2 matches I played were crazy as the guys would throw an unbelievable amount of punches and still have stamina. After 6 punches you should have to rest for a little bit but they would just punch and punch and I was getting frustrated. I lost a decision and I hit %80 of my punches but he threw 1400 and I only through 900 but he only landed %40 and I thought they rewarded accuracy. The third match I played the guy boxed correctly and we had a good match and I eventually knocked him out in the 9th round. Hopefully there will be a patch to correct this.

PS3 Trigger Pads

I am not really a fan of the PS3 controller and I really don't like the trigger buttons and I found and addon for these at Best Buy for $5 that really helped. They are hard plastic and snap over the existing triggers so you can easily remove them. It made the controller feel better and I don't worry about my fingers slipping off so go buy them they are worth it.

Killzone 2 (PS3)(1hr)

Since I got the new trigger pads I gave Killzone 2 another try and after a 130mb download I got to try with the new High Precision mode. It does feel "better" but it's still not what I want. I will eventually finish the game but as far as recommending it I would say just rent it.


I am going to change the way I post to include the name of the system and time played on individual postings that way I can see how much of my life I'm wasting.

Monday, July 27, 2009

WIPLW:Little King's Story, Shatter, Wipeout HD Fury, Fight Night 4 Demo, Madden 10 Demo, Call of Juarez 2

Little King's Story(Wii)(5hrs)

This is a game from the makers of the Harvest Moon series. You are a little king that must guide his small village and become king of the world. It is a town building, rts, action-rpg game. You control your townspeople by ordering them in different professions like gardner, soldier, archer, and many more. Then you go out into the world with your dynamic group and kill enemies, search for treasure, and expand your kingdom. There is a lot of varied stuff to do in the game and it keeps you busy with different actions. It feels like an upgraded Pikmin with much more to do and I am really enjoying my time.


If you like block breaking games then pick this up as it's the best one that I have played. The levels are varied and it has a nice soundtrack that you can buy separately.

WipoutHD Fury(PSN)(90min)

This is an addon for Wipeout HD that adds 80 new challenges, 3 new modes, 8 tracks, and 13 different vehicles. If you like Wipeout HD then this is a must buy. If you don't have this game then get it now as the visuals are awesome and it has some great sound as well.

Fight Night Round 4 Demo(360)(30min)

Finally tried the demo of this game and I will probably purchase it this Tuesday.
This game has the best commentary of any sports game I have played. The conversations flowed nicely and it wasn't overdone. The game play has been fine tuned and I really like the added benefit of blocking that nets you a window to
hit your opponent harder. The demo is only 3 rounds but it's pretty intense.

Madden 10 Demo(360) (1hr)

Played a couple of more games and the 1min version plays better than the 5 min one because it's a later build. I haven't seen some of the bugs that I noticed in the 5min one.

Call of Juarez 2(360) (30min)

I am through with this one. There is something about the aiming that is off and I don't feel like competing with it. The story seems nice and I like the voice acting but I'm not enjoying my time so off to BB.

Friday, July 24, 2009

WIPLN:Madden 10 Demo, Battlefield 1943

Downloaded the "exclusive" Madden demo with 5 minute quarters and I do like the game.
There are still some problems that I've found, suction blocking and just plain bad blocking, but the speed and feel is just right. I am really excited to play the
final version in August. The presentation feels like 2k5 which isn't a bad thing but then again that game was in 2004 so there should be some improvements. I have seen more overlays than in the past but 2K5 still had "better" and more of them.

Steven, Donald, George, and I got some quality time with BF1943 again and was the top group for a couple of rounds. That game continues to be fun but I am starting to get
irritated about what I consider cheap kills but I'll keep playing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

WIPLN:Splosion Man, Prey, Arma 2, Chain Reaction

Tonight the Madden demo is released on the 360. There are 2 versions one for people who've preordered the game, they get 5 minute quarters, and the others get a one minute quarters game. I've liked what I've seen from videos of the game in that the speed has been toned down and it looks like I'll be able to make more plays on the defensive side. I think everyone should get the 5 minute version, 1 minute quarters aren't even worth playing and will just make some people mad(den)....

Splosion Man

This was just released on XBLA and it's pretty awesome. You control Splosion man who can xplode, xplode, xplode, or xplode. It is a platform/puzzle game and you must guide splosion man through various courses and blow up scientists while avoiding obstacles and trying to find cake. The puzzles can get pretty devious and I'm only on level 11, I think there are 50 or 100 levels overall and it has online play with leaderboards. The graphics are well done and the voice of splosion man is pretty varied as he babbles alot while running, I do like the animation and sound when you find the cakes that are hidden on every level. There are time trials but I haven't tried them yet. For $10 it's worth it.


Still trying to finish this one. I got a new weapon that is nice and powerful and I fought my first boss character.

Arma 2

I tried the demo but it's too technical for me so I'll pass.

Chain Reaction

This is the flash version of Drop7 that I like so much on the IPhone and it's a great version to play to waste time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIPLN:Drop7, Worms 2, Call of Jaurez 2

Didn't play much of anything Tuesday night as I fell asleep in my SumoSac and didn't wake up until 6:40.


This is an IPhone puzzle game that is very addicting. It is like Tetris and Sudoku combined. You have a grid of 7 columns and you are placing discs with numbers, 1-7, and gray discs on this grid. A disc disappears when its number matches the amount of discs in its current row or column only counting contiguous discs. Gray discs are actually numbered discs beneath the surface. Whenever a disc touching a gray disc is broken the gray disk will grind down until it is covered. After you place so many numbers your level goes up and the grid is moved up with a row of gray circles. It has global leader boards and you can upload your scores to Facebook as well.

It's only 2.99 so go pick it up.

Worms 2

I bought this on XBLA last night and played a multi player match and got destroyed but it is a fun game and better and cheaper than Worms 1 on XBLA. There are more units, sounds, and just about everything in this version it even has a nice single player campaign so if you pick it up let me know and we'll play.

Call of Juarez 2 (360 Version)

I went back to BlockB and picked up the 360 version of this game and wow the game is infinitely better on the 360. I have all 3 consoles so I am not a fanboy of any system but I do prefer the 360 controller and the easiness of Xbox Live so I do pick up most games for the 360 and if you want to play this game it's the only way to go.

The biggest difference is the load times. The 360 loads and saves while you are moving but the PS3 version stops completely and it takes about 5-10 seconds to load the next sequence and it does this about every 5-10 minutes which makes it very annoying. I died about 5 or 6 times while playing on the PS3 and only once on the 360 due to the controls, it just feels better to me on the 360.

I do like the game and the story is interesting to me. I had my first duel and lost the first try because I wasn't sure how to grab my gun but got a quick head shot on the second try. You get to use a lasso and you must swing it first by rotating the right analog stick which is a nice touch. You get to pick which guy to control which will add to the replay value but I do wish it was co-op.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baja: Edge of Control

I bought this Friday for $20, I wasn't sure that it was worth buying but I do like driving games especially off-road games and I picked it up. It didn't get very great reviews but I really enjoyed it. A problem with the reviews are that some people may play this game like a road racer but you must play an off-road game very differently and some of the videos I've seen can attest to that. If you like off-road games then get this game.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that the force feedback is really weak. I am using a racing wheel and there is tension but I don't feel all the bounces like I do in Dirt. Now there are a lot more bounces in Baja so maybe it would cause vibration overload, while that extra feeling is missing the actual races are quite fun. There is more of a sim feeling in Baja and my first 3 races I came in 5th or 6th out of 8. You are driving a VW bug which is a pretty weak vehicle but I was able to earn some XP and was able to upgrade my vehicle to make it more competitive. The AI is pretty tough but once you put some time into the game the races have a real sense of pressure of trying not to be careless or bump into other vehicles.

The graphics are okay and do a good job and I haven't noticed any pop-in. There are 4 camera angles but it defaults to the first camera before every race so I do have to change to the hood view everytime which is a little annoying. The are some races that can take 4 hours to complete so I am looking forward to those as the courses so far have been difficult, fun, and varied.

WIPLW:STALKER, Call of Juarez 2, Worms 2, Zen Pinball, Williams Pinball, Battlefield 1943

It was a really nice weekend with the temperatures staying in the 80's I tried to do as much outside as I could. I did spend most of the day Saturday packing and I have most things packed with some small things and of course my electronics last. Friday night I was taken out for a birthday meal and it was good but the dessert was the best.
We went to an Pizza Place on Kavanaugh that has Gelato, Italian ice cream. I picked the Banana's Foster flavor and it was awesome. Sunday I walked the North Little Rock River walk and had a good time. I did manage to play a few games, though.

On Sunday night Donald, George, Brad, and I got to play Battlefield 1943 and had some good times. That game continues to be fun as there are always different ways and tactics you can use. We tried to do more group tactics and they somewhat worked but there is always a lone wolf in all of us and for some reason even though we were in a party we kept getting put on opposite teams. Other than that gripe once they put out some new maps the game keeps on..where were you Steven?


I've had this game for some time and decided I wanted to give it another try. It is a FPS from a Russian company and it is a very demanding FPS. I found some mods that made the graphics look really cool, the original graphics were nice as well but the modders added quite a bit of other stuff to make the game a little more enjoyable. The game is very unforgiving though in the outset as you start out with basic guns and I couldn't find any nice armor so I spent a lot of the time reloading. I have finally found so good weapons and armor so I am able to take more damage and the game is becoming fun.

The game is set in Chernobyl and there is radioactivity everywhere that you have to be weary about. They do produce artifacts that have different abilities when equipped. The enemies are varied and do use some neat tactics, they will go prone making them very hard to hit. I did notice something that I really liked in the 2 men were shooting at me and I was behind a train and they stopped to reload. I was able to sneak into a tunnel and I waited. The one guy was going around the train and he still thought I was behind the train so he had his back to the tunnel and I was able to shoot him without him seeing me first.

Call of Juarez 2

Well I finally got around to picking this game up for rent on the PS3 and I was really let down. I have heard decent things about this game and I was excited to play but it had some small things that really bugged me.

The graphics are nice and I guess that's why there is a loading pause about every 5 minutes for me. The problem is a loading 'pause', the screen freezes and you can't move for about 5 seconds, this is very annoying and it takes me out of the game experience. I was on the first mission of the game and I had an objective and it was around the corner so I stopped at an ammunition crate, as soon as I was finished I got a message that I had failed the objective and I had to reload. I wasn't even to the objective yet and I failed it? It didn't say there was a time to complete or anything so it left me not wanting to play the game. I will give it a try this week but it's first impressions are justification to me that I'm glad I didn't buy this game.

Worms 2

I downloaded the free trial and played a couple of challenges and it is a much better game than the first one as you have more of everything, worms, weapons, sounds, and maps. So if you liked the first then try the second as there is a decent Single player experience.


For some reason I was in the mood to play pinball and I tried the Williams Pinball for PS2 which takes some old pinball machines and recreates them in a virtual arcade, and a Zen pinball which is made up pinball machines.

The Williams Pinball is pretty nice as it gives you challenges for each table. There is also a Tournament challenge that you have to play every table and get a certain number of points to proceed. It is nice that it adds these little things to keep you playing.

Zen pinball is pretty nice as well but the table are pretty busy. They do highlight where you need to be hitting the ball so there is some help there as well. This is on XBLA and PS3N so for $10 give it a try.

Friday, July 17, 2009

WIPLN:Ncaa 10, Neves

I played RB for quite awhile and I really enjoy playing Poison by Alice Cooper I wish there were more Hair Bands in RB.


Played some more Ncaa on the 360 and I'm taking it back today. I started a dynasty and played the first game against an easy opponent and had a pretty good game except on certain drives they were unstoppable picking up 1st downs on about every play.
I really do like playing as a Safety with the camera angle hopefully that will be in Madden as it makes playing Defense a lot of fun for me. I do wish there were more camera angles though, the PSP version has 4 different angles and the 360 only one so not too much customization.

I then played against Georgia and they were better ranked in every category so I knew I had a tough game on my hands. The game was close in the first half but things started happening that started to get me frustrated. They had one drive where their quarterback never missed a pass, and many times he had 8-10 seconds to complete the pass while I on the other hand had about 2 seconds before the rush overtook me.

So I started the second half and Georgia was driving, they through a pass I ran between the receiver and the ball he catches it for a huge gain. Something didn't look right I thought that the ball should have hit me so I watch the replay. I got to the point where I ran between and sure enough the ball went through my helmet then about 5 feet into his hands with the ball not altering it's flight path, the game didn't recognize the collision, I've seen that other times as well and I've only played 3 games.

One other time I was on a drive and my receiver had the inside position running across the middle the defender was about a yard farther out and just behind my guy. The ball gets close and somehow the defender speeds up and gets infront of my receiver and gets inside him by about 2 feet. I watched the replay and not sure what happened but it just didn't feel right. It's the little things like this that are turning me away from the game.

This is a DS game where you have different shapes and use those to create pictures. There is a set way the pieces must be turned and flipped in order to complete the picture. If you like puzzle games then this is great. There are a ton of puzzles, a timed mode, and an advanced mode where you only get 7 steps to complete a puzzle so you must know exactly how the pieces fit as you don't get to make mistakes.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

WIPLN:NCAA 10 PSP, Battlefield 1943

Ncaa 10 PSP

I still have the 360 version rented but I wanted to try out the PSP version it's based off the PS2 version which does not have all the issues the next gen games have.
I played about 3 quarters and it plays very well. There are multiple camera angles and I found one that I liked but I am seeing slow down every once in awhile. The game play is smooth and feels really good but again it plays really fast if it was just a little slower then it would be perfect. I have had a lot of dropped balls that looked like they hit the receiver in their hands but I've also had some passes that were no where close which was good. The ball does get tipped quite a bit and hangs so I had 2 interceptions because of that. You can't play from the defenders view except for field goals, which is strange, I wish you could play from behind the defenders on every defensive play.

Battlefield 1943

Played again with Brad and George and had a good time. The new map came out and it is just for airplanes which is okay but there needs to be more maps. We played each map about 4 times in a row for some reason so the map rotation is a little screwy.
I am able to fly the planes a lot better I haven't killed anyone on the ground yet but I'm working on it. I was able to use the air raids and get a lot of kills and they made that part fun to use. When you start an air raid you see 3 big bombers flying towards the island and you can only make slight movements so you need to start thinking about where you want to drop the bombs early. You can look below the planes to get a precise view on the ground and then unleash the fury. I'm just not sure how long this game will be played because even though you level up you don't get any new weapons or perks so you are basically just doing the same thing over and over but since it's multiplayer the games still can feel very random.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIPLN:Ncaa 10

Had a good night at Wallyball, played hard and sweated a lot, which is a good way to lose weight.


I took back Ghostbusters, I didn't finish but will play again, and picked up Ncaa 10. I read a lot of forums and posts from others that detail all of the shortcomings of NCAA. I would read slider settings and try to get the most realistic settings and once that was done I would sit down and play and get pounded and not have fun at all. So this time I just chose the default difficulty and played and I still got pounded, maybe I'm just not cut out for playing football games, or maybe Arkansas just stinks.

The graphics are okay not spectacular but I haven't noticed any slowdown while playing, there is a little when I go to the pause menu to watch a replay though. I wish I could click a button to watch a replay instead of hitting start and choosing the option. The sideline and stands still look horrible but who notices that, maybe those who don't see any refs or the chain gangs, it's 2010 they have millions of dollars and still don't have this, they are lazy.

The gameplay is alot better than last year for me anyway. The only problem is the speed of the game it's really really fast which makes it hard running and playing defense. I know college football is fast but they need to tone it down just a little. The one big change for me is now you can lock-on to a player and the camera adjusts directly behind them. So on defense I can play a linebacker or safety and feel like I am one. The only gripe is that the camera focuses on the ball and sometimes it moves the camera's at odd angles especially when I am a linebacker and try to get close to the line. I like playing this way but the speed of the game makes it a little difficult as it's easy to over run plays.

They did add some nice animations as they don't feel as stiff as in years past. I still see 2 people running, hit each other and like a cartoon they just both fall backwards, something is just off when that happens. I turned down the commentary as I really don't like those guys and they don't add much to the game.

I am having fun with this game but Madden just looks awesome and the demo will be on July 23 if you've pre-ordered the game otherwise it's July 30 so then I will make my decision.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WIPLN:Battlefield 1943, Prey

Battlefield 1943

I am really liking this game as I am getting better at flying and sniping. I was able to drop bombs from a plane and fly around for a couple of minutes without crashing. I also did a pretty cool move against an opponent. I was driving a jeep and saw the enemy ahead of me so I drove towards him then jumped out and as soon as the vehicle got close to the enemy I pulled out my grenade gun and shot the car blowing the car and my enemy up at the same time, it was an awesome feeling. Another time I was sniping on top of a base and I put some charges around the base. After I sniped a couple of guys they came in a jeep to kill me. I jumped off the base and boom goes the enemy another awesome feeling. I was also able to snipe about 15 different people something that I could never do in any other shooter, they got the controls down in this game.


I am going to finish this game. I got through a couple of more levels and I am still enjoying it even though I don't like how it handles death.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WIPLW:Battlefield 1943, Tiger 10 Wii, GH Metallica

I missed posting Friday due to my birthday and going to my parents house to finish installing the laminate flooring. After working for another 7 hours we finally finished so I am glad that project is over. It was hard work but a fun time anyway. I always get good homecooked meals when I go so we had some great Ribs that were so tender you didn't need a knife.

Thursday night I had Steven and Donald over since Steven is moving away. We played a little golf, Sacred 2, GH Metallica, Battlefield 1943, and Rock Band. We started around 6 and went till around 1 am, and had a good time. Steven was on drums for all of the Metallica songs and since there wasn't a no fail mode we had so end some some prematurely. We tried to get through the tough ones but without practice Metallica music is hard to play. Luckily RB has a no fail mode so we just played and had a good time not worrying if we were going to fail or not. Sad to see you go, Steven, have fun and be successful in Atlanta.

Battlefield 1943
I bought this on XBLA for $15 on Thursday night but really didn't get to play it that much due to server problems that wouldn't let you connect to other users, the PS3 version didn't have this problem. When I got a chance to play on Sunday the issue was fixed and I got some quality time in.

George, Brad, and I met up and played for about 4 hours. There are only 3 maps and 3 classes but the basic gameplay is fun. Usually in multiplayer shooters I feel cheated, and I do feel it a little here but not quite as much as others so I am enjoying it a lot. I usually rank in the top 5 and I am killing as much or more than dieing so I'll keep playing.

For $15 this is a purchase but we will have to see how much EA wants to gouge us for additional content to be released later. The best part of the game is that it's on your hard drive and you don't have to put a disk in. I can't wait for DD(Digital Distribution) to fully take hold and I am able to be even lazier playing games.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WIPLN:Prey, Ghostbusters

Not a big gaming night last night since I got called and had to dial up to work for an hour but once that was finished I did get some time in.


Finished a couple of more missions and beat the Stay Puft man. I am playing on casual as I just want to see the story so I am not sure if you can die or not but I have had some challenge in catching ghosts. They do have varied ghosts and tactics which is does prevent the game from getting old. One thing that does stand out is the audio mix, they did a great job. The dialog is crisp and the surround effects are great as there is alot going on behind you and you can tell.


I bought this on Steam this week with about 20 other games from 2k in a big 2k Pack for $53 it included about all of the recent Sid Meir games and franchises along with Bioshock. I have this on 360 as well that I purchased for $10 but only played a little. So I decided to try it on the PC with the graphics maxed and it is a really good looking game. If you want a good shooter then pick this up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WIPLN:Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez

Since I haven't been able to find COJ 2 I decided to try the original Call of Juarez since I never really played it for the PC. I played the first mission and it seems pretty good. The voice acting is well done even though the southern accent is a little over the top. You play as two different people and Billy is the first and he has to sneak around quite a bit. It does lead to some pretty tense situations but I would rather shoot it out and that is what the 2nd character does so hopefully get some playtime with it tonight.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WIPLN:Ghostbusters, Prototype


I was hoping to finish this game last night as I was 22/31 missions in. I finished about 3 more and then I got to a point that was just too hard and I tried about 5 times to finish and just couldn't so I took the game back. I may try to finish later but I just got to the point where it was frustrating and I thought pretty cheap. I understand ramping up the difficulty but there are limits. I did enjoy my time with the game I only wish it didn't get so hard near the end.


I wanted to rent Call of Jaurez 2 but it was out so I picked up Ghostbusters on the 360 and I am very impressed so far. The graphics are outstanding and it has some great dialog. The characters look real and the proto gun ray looks awesome as you slice and tear up the room while trying to catch a ghost. I did have trouble seeing some of the ghosts attack as they can get behind you and throw items and also slime you. It pretty fun trying to wrangle in a ghost as it struggles trying to break free from your grasp.


This is a great little game that you must go download and try.

Monday, July 6, 2009

WIPLN:Tiger Wii, Zelda

I went home this weekend and helped my parents install a laminate floor. I've seen many DIY shows and it seemed pretty simple but of course it isn't and it takes a lot of bending and pushing and pain. I'll relate that story later this week.

I didn't get much gaming in but I did play Tiger Wii which is still very good. I'm not a fan of the chipping but the other aspects are great. I then spent a little time
with Zelda. I'm not sure why I'm playing this but it is kind of relaxing to me.


If you like Rouge-like games and platformers then this is the game for you. It is a mix of Rouge, random dungeons, items, and enemies, with some basic platforming. It was created by Derek Yu and although it is simple the core gameplay keeps you coming back for more.

I've had a few good laughs already and there are a lot of random events that can happen so if you get some free time google it then download it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Not much gaming last night as I packed a little more for the new house.

Prototype is starting to get very difficult as they send more and more enemies at you. The helicopters now have missiles that send you flying after trying to dodge unsuccessfully. I did open up a pretty cool move where when you jump in the air and target someone then hold down x and you will come crashing down on them then surf on their body for around 10 feet.

Iphone:Shon Spends Money

Well for some reason I broke the IPhone rule and bought Doom Resurrection and it is pretty good. The graphics and sound are very well done and do give you the feeling of Doom 3. I like the mechanics of aiming(accelerometer), and dodging and I'm glad they chose this method over tapping enemies on the screen even though you do have to touch items to pick them up. I started on the easy level and it does take some time to get the hang of aiming and you don't have to tilt the IPhone too much away from you so you don't get disorientated. id is going to continue to put out IPhone games and I hope the quality continues.

I also bought Heroes of Sparta for $.99, it is like God of War. The attacks are similar and you do have a block button which you can also use to roll out of the way which I had a problem doing consistantly. The graphics are really nice and it is definitely worth the price which will only last this week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Iphone: Doom Resurection

I have been tempted to pick up this game. It is an on-rails shooter but you use the accelerometer to move your aiming reticule. You have a dodge button but move out of the way of projectile weapons and of course a shoot and reload button. The graphics look pretty good but $9.99 is a hard sell on the Iphone. It has 4 difficulty levels and a grading system so there is some replay value. I will wait since they had a sale on the Wolfenstein game within a month of release.

WIPLN:Zelda Windwaker

I was pretty tired after playing Wallyball so I didn't play much but I did try Zelda Windwaker for the Gamecube. I had played quite a bit of this game when it first came out but it's been so long since I've played that I started over. I really like the look of the game and it is fun to romp around in a green suit.