Monday, July 27, 2009

WIPLW:Little King's Story, Shatter, Wipeout HD Fury, Fight Night 4 Demo, Madden 10 Demo, Call of Juarez 2

Little King's Story(Wii)(5hrs)

This is a game from the makers of the Harvest Moon series. You are a little king that must guide his small village and become king of the world. It is a town building, rts, action-rpg game. You control your townspeople by ordering them in different professions like gardner, soldier, archer, and many more. Then you go out into the world with your dynamic group and kill enemies, search for treasure, and expand your kingdom. There is a lot of varied stuff to do in the game and it keeps you busy with different actions. It feels like an upgraded Pikmin with much more to do and I am really enjoying my time.


If you like block breaking games then pick this up as it's the best one that I have played. The levels are varied and it has a nice soundtrack that you can buy separately.

WipoutHD Fury(PSN)(90min)

This is an addon for Wipeout HD that adds 80 new challenges, 3 new modes, 8 tracks, and 13 different vehicles. If you like Wipeout HD then this is a must buy. If you don't have this game then get it now as the visuals are awesome and it has some great sound as well.

Fight Night Round 4 Demo(360)(30min)

Finally tried the demo of this game and I will probably purchase it this Tuesday.
This game has the best commentary of any sports game I have played. The conversations flowed nicely and it wasn't overdone. The game play has been fine tuned and I really like the added benefit of blocking that nets you a window to
hit your opponent harder. The demo is only 3 rounds but it's pretty intense.

Madden 10 Demo(360) (1hr)

Played a couple of more games and the 1min version plays better than the 5 min one because it's a later build. I haven't seen some of the bugs that I noticed in the 5min one.

Call of Juarez 2(360) (30min)

I am through with this one. There is something about the aiming that is off and I don't feel like competing with it. The story seems nice and I like the voice acting but I'm not enjoying my time so off to BB.

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