Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iphone:Shon Spends Money

Well for some reason I broke the IPhone rule and bought Doom Resurrection and it is pretty good. The graphics and sound are very well done and do give you the feeling of Doom 3. I like the mechanics of aiming(accelerometer), and dodging and I'm glad they chose this method over tapping enemies on the screen even though you do have to touch items to pick them up. I started on the easy level and it does take some time to get the hang of aiming and you don't have to tilt the IPhone too much away from you so you don't get disorientated. id is going to continue to put out IPhone games and I hope the quality continues.

I also bought Heroes of Sparta for $.99, it is like God of War. The attacks are similar and you do have a block button which you can also use to roll out of the way which I had a problem doing consistantly. The graphics are really nice and it is definitely worth the price which will only last this week.

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