Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WIPLN:Fight Night Round 4, Killzone 2

Fight Night Round 4 (360)(3hrs)

I did go out and buy the game, it's $50 at Best Buy this week and I had some coupons and money left on my GC so the game was free.

I played quite a bit of this game and it is really good but my thumb got very tired and sore and it wasn't my right thumb. You punch with your right thumb and move with your left and moving is what caused the problem. If you are a good boxer and play like the real sport you should always be moving and if the person you are fighting is aggressive then be prepared to be moving back at all times.

I created my boxer and used the EA Game face and it didn't work well as my guy didn't really look like me, I'm going to try with a new picture later. They had my last name in their database so it does call me by my last name which is a nice touch. I started my career in the amateur tournament and lost in the first round, I think that as a professional I'm 2-0. They have a similar menu system like UFC and I wish there was a better way of doing the career mode, they need to somehow make it engaging besides just text. I played a couple of mini games and they are OK although I didn't know what to do on one of them.

Then I went to play online with my created player and they even out all the stats in the World Championship mode to make it even but I'm not sure about that. The first 2 matches I played were crazy as the guys would throw an unbelievable amount of punches and still have stamina. After 6 punches you should have to rest for a little bit but they would just punch and punch and I was getting frustrated. I lost a decision and I hit %80 of my punches but he threw 1400 and I only through 900 but he only landed %40 and I thought they rewarded accuracy. The third match I played the guy boxed correctly and we had a good match and I eventually knocked him out in the 9th round. Hopefully there will be a patch to correct this.

PS3 Trigger Pads

I am not really a fan of the PS3 controller and I really don't like the trigger buttons and I found and addon for these at Best Buy for $5 that really helped. They are hard plastic and snap over the existing triggers so you can easily remove them. It made the controller feel better and I don't worry about my fingers slipping off so go buy them they are worth it.

Killzone 2 (PS3)(1hr)

Since I got the new trigger pads I gave Killzone 2 another try and after a 130mb download I got to try with the new High Precision mode. It does feel "better" but it's still not what I want. I will eventually finish the game but as far as recommending it I would say just rent it.

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