Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WIPLN:Battlefield 1943, Prey

Battlefield 1943

I am really liking this game as I am getting better at flying and sniping. I was able to drop bombs from a plane and fly around for a couple of minutes without crashing. I also did a pretty cool move against an opponent. I was driving a jeep and saw the enemy ahead of me so I drove towards him then jumped out and as soon as the vehicle got close to the enemy I pulled out my grenade gun and shot the car blowing the car and my enemy up at the same time, it was an awesome feeling. Another time I was sniping on top of a base and I put some charges around the base. After I sniped a couple of guys they came in a jeep to kill me. I jumped off the base and boom goes the enemy another awesome feeling. I was also able to snipe about 15 different people something that I could never do in any other shooter, they got the controls down in this game.


I am going to finish this game. I got through a couple of more levels and I am still enjoying it even though I don't like how it handles death.

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