Thursday, July 16, 2009

WIPLN:NCAA 10 PSP, Battlefield 1943

Ncaa 10 PSP

I still have the 360 version rented but I wanted to try out the PSP version it's based off the PS2 version which does not have all the issues the next gen games have.
I played about 3 quarters and it plays very well. There are multiple camera angles and I found one that I liked but I am seeing slow down every once in awhile. The game play is smooth and feels really good but again it plays really fast if it was just a little slower then it would be perfect. I have had a lot of dropped balls that looked like they hit the receiver in their hands but I've also had some passes that were no where close which was good. The ball does get tipped quite a bit and hangs so I had 2 interceptions because of that. You can't play from the defenders view except for field goals, which is strange, I wish you could play from behind the defenders on every defensive play.

Battlefield 1943

Played again with Brad and George and had a good time. The new map came out and it is just for airplanes which is okay but there needs to be more maps. We played each map about 4 times in a row for some reason so the map rotation is a little screwy.
I am able to fly the planes a lot better I haven't killed anyone on the ground yet but I'm working on it. I was able to use the air raids and get a lot of kills and they made that part fun to use. When you start an air raid you see 3 big bombers flying towards the island and you can only make slight movements so you need to start thinking about where you want to drop the bombs early. You can look below the planes to get a precise view on the ground and then unleash the fury. I'm just not sure how long this game will be played because even though you level up you don't get any new weapons or perks so you are basically just doing the same thing over and over but since it's multiplayer the games still can feel very random.

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