Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WIPLN:Ncaa 10

Had a good night at Wallyball, played hard and sweated a lot, which is a good way to lose weight.


I took back Ghostbusters, I didn't finish but will play again, and picked up Ncaa 10. I read a lot of forums and posts from others that detail all of the shortcomings of NCAA. I would read slider settings and try to get the most realistic settings and once that was done I would sit down and play and get pounded and not have fun at all. So this time I just chose the default difficulty and played and I still got pounded, maybe I'm just not cut out for playing football games, or maybe Arkansas just stinks.

The graphics are okay not spectacular but I haven't noticed any slowdown while playing, there is a little when I go to the pause menu to watch a replay though. I wish I could click a button to watch a replay instead of hitting start and choosing the option. The sideline and stands still look horrible but who notices that, maybe those who don't see any refs or the chain gangs, it's 2010 they have millions of dollars and still don't have this, they are lazy.

The gameplay is alot better than last year for me anyway. The only problem is the speed of the game it's really really fast which makes it hard running and playing defense. I know college football is fast but they need to tone it down just a little. The one big change for me is now you can lock-on to a player and the camera adjusts directly behind them. So on defense I can play a linebacker or safety and feel like I am one. The only gripe is that the camera focuses on the ball and sometimes it moves the camera's at odd angles especially when I am a linebacker and try to get close to the line. I like playing this way but the speed of the game makes it a little difficult as it's easy to over run plays.

They did add some nice animations as they don't feel as stiff as in years past. I still see 2 people running, hit each other and like a cartoon they just both fall backwards, something is just off when that happens. I turned down the commentary as I really don't like those guys and they don't add much to the game.

I am having fun with this game but Madden just looks awesome and the demo will be on July 23 if you've pre-ordered the game otherwise it's July 30 so then I will make my decision.

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