Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boom Blox Bash Party

Best Buy has this game for 29.99 this week so go buy it.

This is a sequel to Boom Blox and I highly recommend. It has over 400 different levels to play through and introduces some new zones, water and space. It is a great party game as 4 people can play even with one remote. So if you have a Wii and want a new game go pick it up this week.

WIPLN:GHSH,Prototype,Fallout 3,Fate

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

I finally finished every song last night and I had to crank 1 song down to easy mode as the drums get very tough. The last song was Through the Fire and Flames which was fun to play. I am having trouble on songs that have a double kick with the first kick by itself and the second kick with a hi-hat. I can easily perform the opposite with the snare/kick on the first beat so something mental is going on that I am going to have to practice through.

I don't understand why GH can't import/use every song you've downloaded for other GH games since RB does it it is possible, get to work Activision.


About 20 missions in and I am still gaining new powers. I am trying to use all of them to see which are effective against what, but there are a couple that are hard to use. I also got the first mission where you can fly helicopters, this game does mix up the action very well. I am liking the story, I know others don't, but to me it is intriguing even though it's cut up into bits.

Fallout 3

Finally playing Point Lookout and the new island has a lot of content. I only got to play about an hour but there are some neat places to visit. I can't wait for Elder Scrolls 5.


This is a diablo clone PC game with bright colors. You have a pet that tags along that you can feed fish to which will turn him into various creatures. You can also give him items and send him to town to sell the items for you. It has some new ideas to the genre and is fun.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Releasing this Week

Call of Jarez: Bound in Blood - Sequel to Call of Juarez a western shooter. It looks pretty interesting and I'll probably rent it.

Bloodbowl - This is a PC conversion of a board game that I've heard good things about.
I think it's supposed to come out on Steam in September so I may wait for that.

Trine(Demo) - Go get this demo. It is an awesome 2d Side scroller.

WIPLW:Prototype, RB2, Sacred 2, Angel

I was having a good time playing Prototype but something was a little off, luckily I thought I knew what was wrong and I was right. I rented the game for the PS3 but really wanted it for the 360.

Why? The controller. To me the 360 controller just feels right. So I rented the game for the 360 after a long wait at the counter since I got the new guy, and I had a hard time putting it down.

I put in about 3 hours on the PS3 and had to replay but I didn't mind. I ended up playing Saturday for around 5 hours and played 3 more on Sunday so I am really liking this game now. The best part is running around the city, you are able to jump and glide throughout the city pretty quickly once you learn the controls. I did get frustrated trying to reach some of the orbs that were placed on top of an antennae until I learned you don't try to crawl up it just get at the base and jump.

I am only 12 out of 31 missions so there is still a lot to do and I hope to finish it this week. Once again rent this game.

Rock Band 2
I have spent and played more of this game than any other. It is my favorite game so you will see it frequently. I haven't bought any music in the last couple of weeks, I am still waiting for Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" album.

Sacred 2
Played with George for about 3 hours and had fun, it is a great party game and his Wolfie character has some impressive combat arts.

After the death of Andy Hallet who played Lorne on Angel passed away earlier this year I wanted to rewatch Angel. So I have finished about 2 seasons and the show is still entertaining and one of the best shows on TV. I am still upset at FOX for cancelling it for some Snow Mountain program that lasted 3 weeks. If you haven't seen Angel I do recommend it, it has action, comedy, and some pretty hot chicks.

I am tired of Networks, they have cancelled so many of the shows that I have liked that I am almost through with TV.

Friday, June 26, 2009

WIPLN:Red Faction Guerilla, Sacred 2, Archomage

Thursday Night is our regular Sacred2 game night but I did get some other titles in.

Red Faction Guerrilla

One of 3 free-roaming games that came out within the last month and it is a very solid and fun title. The destruction in this game is really good, the physics are well done and you must be careful when detonating explosives as the debris will fall and crush you. I would recommend if you are dying a lot set the difficulty down to casual it is still challenging and you can focus on destruction. There are a ton of weapons to use but the sledgehammer is still my favorite, there's nothing like a guy hiding behind a wall trying to shoot you and you just smash through the wall sending him flying. There are many cool moments that happen and I wish there was a replay function so you could save some of your best moments.

Sacred 2

We have been playing this one for around 2 months and I am still enjoying it. It is basically Diablo on a console. It isn't as refined as Diablo but great for getting loot and dressing up your character. We finally got unique mounts recently which are fun since you can use your combat arts while riding except for Steven who can't keep mounts for more than 5 minutes.


Who knows what this game is?

It was a mini-game in Might of Magic and they turned it into a small downloadable PC title many years ago. I have since lost my copy, but a homebrew version for the DS is out there to play.

It is basically a Tower Card game where you and your opponent have a castle and you use cards to build your walls or destroy your opponent's. You have different resources that you must manage in order to use your cards so if you are into CCG then go pick this up. This would be a great Iphone game.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tiger Woods

I can remember the first time I played Tiger Woods on a console. I got the xbox demo of the game and my friend Mark was over and we tried it and it was awesome so we drove to the Malvern Walmart and picked up a copy and had a blast. That was about 6 years ago and the last good memory I have of a Tiger Woods game, once Links 2004 came out Tiger was put on a shelf and forgotten.

The swing in Links was momentum based and you really felt like every shot mattered you just couldn't swing carelessly or you would land in the rough. In Tiger I felt I was just pushing the analog stick till I got to the green then some strategy was used but not much(variable length putters????). Links just felt right from the swing, the career, the way it presented your course stats, to showing highlights of your round it was a complete package. That was when Microsoft Sports Network was around but a year later that was put to rest and no Links 2005.

Every year I would try the new Tiger only to be disappointed again. My biggest gripes were:

You couldn't turn off the player animations so you would have to press the A button 3 times before and after every swing to get to the next swing.

Unrealistic scores and start times during Tour Events.

Variable Length Putters. I get to set the maximum distance my putter will be allowed to hit so when I need to tap in a 1 inch put I pull the putter all the way back, what were they thinking.

So when I heard about Tiger 10 I got excited as my gripes above were to be relieved. And they were sort of. Now you can turn off the animations so the games pace is quicker. Precession putting where how far and hard you swing matters, and better presentation.

I bought the Wii version for the Motion-Plus and it works as it should. It does have the best swing mechanic of any golf game and putting feels right ...... BUT

There are no course stats in the game. What is my longest drive on this hole, what is my average stroke count for this hole, closest to the pin? None of these are captured as you only get overall stats. I know that it's a small gripe but how do they leave out stats when they should be easy to use and calculate. They are in the PSP version but not on the Wii or 360/PS3. The Wii version also suffers from incorrect tee times in your career and rubberband AI which doesn't exist in the 360/PS3 versions, can't they be consistant?

I don't know what EA's problem is since they have bought out the rights of just about every sports game their quality has gone downhill and it's bad for gamers.

Tiger Woods is much better than it has been in the past and I would recommend the Wii version because of how good the motion controls are but they are not using the millions of dollars we are spending to improve their sports games year after year.

IPhone: KarmaStar

Never buy an Iphone game the day that it comes out because it will always go on sale for $.99 within a month. So I took this advice and picked up KarmaStar for $.99.

It is a strategy game with 3 players, 8 rounds and it takes about 5-10 minutes to play. It is hard to explain in writing but it is kind of like Risk and Life, in that you build up stats like money, health, friends, and fight using levels of those stats.
There isn't a demo but for $.99 do you really need one.

WIPLN: Drill Dozer, Guitar Smash Hits, Prototype, Fallout 3

Drill Dozer

Yesterday I watched an old 1-Up Show and they were talking about their game of the month from many years ago and it was a GBA game, Drill Dozer. So I picked it up for around $8 and I have to say it is worth it.

Drill Dozer is a game where you are a lady riding in a mechanical drill. Your drill has 3 different gears, which you use to speed and power up to get through various surfaces. The different ways you use your drill are well thought out and fun to use. The cartridge comes with built-in rumble so you get nice feedback when you are switching gears. I definitely recommend purchasing this game.

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

I am a big fan of music games so much in fact that I spent way too much money on a real set for a game peripheral, I am starting to learn for real though so not all is lost. I prefer Rock Band to Guitar Hero but I like to play songs so I purchased it with some Reward Coupons.

GHSH takes some favorite songs from older Guitar Hero games and adds the full band experience so basically if you like the songs then buy the game. There are about 48 songs and 8 of those are in RB so I wish they had included more songs but the ones they have are fun to play. They also included the expert+ mode so for all you double bass kickers go at it, I am still learning that technique so it is nice to be able to practice.

I am at the last set of songs to plow through and that will allow me to choose the artifact feature which I'm not sure what that is yet. I've had to turn down the difficulty to Medium on some of the later tier songs which is a little demoralizing but I want to get through. Some of my favorites, Play with me, Cherry Pie, Round and Round, and Lay Down.


Well I spent another 2 hours on this game and it is still engaging. I am gaining more and more powers which you definitely need as the difficulty of this game starts growing quite rapidly. It still doesn't have the great hook that makes me want to keep playing for hours and hours but I am having fun and do recommend as a rental.

Fallout 3

Point Lookout is the fourth expansion and I downloaded it but didn't get a chance to play that part of it. The good and bad thing about Fallout 3 is that there is so much to do that you can find something interesting and lose yourself for hours.

In my last adventure I was trying to find a Comic book store which I had a hard time finding because you go through the subway system. I finally found the store and a lot of bad duds were waiting to kill me, which they did 4 times, and I don't think the reward was worth it, but that is another place to mark off on my map.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WIPLN: Prototype, Overlord 2


On Tuesdays I play Wallyball so my game time is somewhat limited but I did get a chance to put some time into Prototype. I have been wanting to play this game for awhile but I was waiting for BB to have the game for rent which it did last night.


From the opening video you can tell that there is going to be a lot of cool action sequences and much bloodshed. The main character, Alex, has many abilities that you will unlock, so far I can run fast, jump high, and glide across the tops of buildings, the sense of speed and power feels great in this game. My hands can turn into iron blades which can quickly chop up foes and I can throw about any object that I come across.

The story is okay so far and I like the idea of consuming people for health and memories. The combat is very fast and violent which to a gamer is awesome. The graphics are okay and I haven't noticed any slowdown when there were tons of people, cars, tanks, and helicopters all after me.

I am having a little trouble trying to navigate narrow walkways while running as the controls are a little twitchy while moving fast.

I already died about 3 times so hopefully the difficulty will decrease once I learn and master the controls.

The loading times, while quick, do bug me for some reason. I wish there was something else they could do besides show a screen with the words LOADING.

Initial Feeling:

Excited. I think that I am going to like Prototype because of the quickness of your movements across the city and the cool abilities, ways to bring the hurt, that you will have access to. I just hope the secondary quests do not get old or repetitive.

Overlord 2
I also tried the demo for Overlord 2 on the 360 to compare the graphics to the PC version. They are okay but at 1900 x 1200 they really shine on the PC and it is only $40 for the PC version vs $60 on the consoles so a tough choice.


Welcome the Countach's Corner.

I started this blog in response to people always asking me about video games. I am an avid game player and the guy at work that gets asked about electronics, from fixing PC's to how to setup televisions.

I hope to have a What I've Played Last Night post almost daily as I usually play multiple games a night, and a new release list and comments about them weekly.
The good thing about writing about games is that there is usually something new every week and if not there is a huge back-catalog.

So I guess I better get playing.