Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WIPLN:GHSH,Prototype,Fallout 3,Fate

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

I finally finished every song last night and I had to crank 1 song down to easy mode as the drums get very tough. The last song was Through the Fire and Flames which was fun to play. I am having trouble on songs that have a double kick with the first kick by itself and the second kick with a hi-hat. I can easily perform the opposite with the snare/kick on the first beat so something mental is going on that I am going to have to practice through.

I don't understand why GH can't import/use every song you've downloaded for other GH games since RB does it it is possible, get to work Activision.


About 20 missions in and I am still gaining new powers. I am trying to use all of them to see which are effective against what, but there are a couple that are hard to use. I also got the first mission where you can fly helicopters, this game does mix up the action very well. I am liking the story, I know others don't, but to me it is intriguing even though it's cut up into bits.

Fallout 3

Finally playing Point Lookout and the new island has a lot of content. I only got to play about an hour but there are some neat places to visit. I can't wait for Elder Scrolls 5.


This is a diablo clone PC game with bright colors. You have a pet that tags along that you can feed fish to which will turn him into various creatures. You can also give him items and send him to town to sell the items for you. It has some new ideas to the genre and is fun.

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