Monday, June 29, 2009

WIPLW:Prototype, RB2, Sacred 2, Angel

I was having a good time playing Prototype but something was a little off, luckily I thought I knew what was wrong and I was right. I rented the game for the PS3 but really wanted it for the 360.

Why? The controller. To me the 360 controller just feels right. So I rented the game for the 360 after a long wait at the counter since I got the new guy, and I had a hard time putting it down.

I put in about 3 hours on the PS3 and had to replay but I didn't mind. I ended up playing Saturday for around 5 hours and played 3 more on Sunday so I am really liking this game now. The best part is running around the city, you are able to jump and glide throughout the city pretty quickly once you learn the controls. I did get frustrated trying to reach some of the orbs that were placed on top of an antennae until I learned you don't try to crawl up it just get at the base and jump.

I am only 12 out of 31 missions so there is still a lot to do and I hope to finish it this week. Once again rent this game.

Rock Band 2
I have spent and played more of this game than any other. It is my favorite game so you will see it frequently. I haven't bought any music in the last couple of weeks, I am still waiting for Skid Row "Slave to the Grind" album.

Sacred 2
Played with George for about 3 hours and had fun, it is a great party game and his Wolfie character has some impressive combat arts.

After the death of Andy Hallet who played Lorne on Angel passed away earlier this year I wanted to rewatch Angel. So I have finished about 2 seasons and the show is still entertaining and one of the best shows on TV. I am still upset at FOX for cancelling it for some Snow Mountain program that lasted 3 weeks. If you haven't seen Angel I do recommend it, it has action, comedy, and some pretty hot chicks.

I am tired of Networks, they have cancelled so many of the shows that I have liked that I am almost through with TV.

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