Thursday, June 25, 2009

WIPLN: Drill Dozer, Guitar Smash Hits, Prototype, Fallout 3

Drill Dozer

Yesterday I watched an old 1-Up Show and they were talking about their game of the month from many years ago and it was a GBA game, Drill Dozer. So I picked it up for around $8 and I have to say it is worth it.

Drill Dozer is a game where you are a lady riding in a mechanical drill. Your drill has 3 different gears, which you use to speed and power up to get through various surfaces. The different ways you use your drill are well thought out and fun to use. The cartridge comes with built-in rumble so you get nice feedback when you are switching gears. I definitely recommend purchasing this game.

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

I am a big fan of music games so much in fact that I spent way too much money on a real set for a game peripheral, I am starting to learn for real though so not all is lost. I prefer Rock Band to Guitar Hero but I like to play songs so I purchased it with some Reward Coupons.

GHSH takes some favorite songs from older Guitar Hero games and adds the full band experience so basically if you like the songs then buy the game. There are about 48 songs and 8 of those are in RB so I wish they had included more songs but the ones they have are fun to play. They also included the expert+ mode so for all you double bass kickers go at it, I am still learning that technique so it is nice to be able to practice.

I am at the last set of songs to plow through and that will allow me to choose the artifact feature which I'm not sure what that is yet. I've had to turn down the difficulty to Medium on some of the later tier songs which is a little demoralizing but I want to get through. Some of my favorites, Play with me, Cherry Pie, Round and Round, and Lay Down.


Well I spent another 2 hours on this game and it is still engaging. I am gaining more and more powers which you definitely need as the difficulty of this game starts growing quite rapidly. It still doesn't have the great hook that makes me want to keep playing for hours and hours but I am having fun and do recommend as a rental.

Fallout 3

Point Lookout is the fourth expansion and I downloaded it but didn't get a chance to play that part of it. The good and bad thing about Fallout 3 is that there is so much to do that you can find something interesting and lose yourself for hours.

In my last adventure I was trying to find a Comic book store which I had a hard time finding because you go through the subway system. I finally found the store and a lot of bad duds were waiting to kill me, which they did 4 times, and I don't think the reward was worth it, but that is another place to mark off on my map.

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