Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WIPLN: Prototype, Overlord 2


On Tuesdays I play Wallyball so my game time is somewhat limited but I did get a chance to put some time into Prototype. I have been wanting to play this game for awhile but I was waiting for BB to have the game for rent which it did last night.


From the opening video you can tell that there is going to be a lot of cool action sequences and much bloodshed. The main character, Alex, has many abilities that you will unlock, so far I can run fast, jump high, and glide across the tops of buildings, the sense of speed and power feels great in this game. My hands can turn into iron blades which can quickly chop up foes and I can throw about any object that I come across.

The story is okay so far and I like the idea of consuming people for health and memories. The combat is very fast and violent which to a gamer is awesome. The graphics are okay and I haven't noticed any slowdown when there were tons of people, cars, tanks, and helicopters all after me.

I am having a little trouble trying to navigate narrow walkways while running as the controls are a little twitchy while moving fast.

I already died about 3 times so hopefully the difficulty will decrease once I learn and master the controls.

The loading times, while quick, do bug me for some reason. I wish there was something else they could do besides show a screen with the words LOADING.

Initial Feeling:

Excited. I think that I am going to like Prototype because of the quickness of your movements across the city and the cool abilities, ways to bring the hurt, that you will have access to. I just hope the secondary quests do not get old or repetitive.

Overlord 2
I also tried the demo for Overlord 2 on the 360 to compare the graphics to the PC version. They are okay but at 1900 x 1200 they really shine on the PC and it is only $40 for the PC version vs $60 on the consoles so a tough choice.

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