Friday, June 26, 2009

WIPLN:Red Faction Guerilla, Sacred 2, Archomage

Thursday Night is our regular Sacred2 game night but I did get some other titles in.

Red Faction Guerrilla

One of 3 free-roaming games that came out within the last month and it is a very solid and fun title. The destruction in this game is really good, the physics are well done and you must be careful when detonating explosives as the debris will fall and crush you. I would recommend if you are dying a lot set the difficulty down to casual it is still challenging and you can focus on destruction. There are a ton of weapons to use but the sledgehammer is still my favorite, there's nothing like a guy hiding behind a wall trying to shoot you and you just smash through the wall sending him flying. There are many cool moments that happen and I wish there was a replay function so you could save some of your best moments.

Sacred 2

We have been playing this one for around 2 months and I am still enjoying it. It is basically Diablo on a console. It isn't as refined as Diablo but great for getting loot and dressing up your character. We finally got unique mounts recently which are fun since you can use your combat arts while riding except for Steven who can't keep mounts for more than 5 minutes.


Who knows what this game is?

It was a mini-game in Might of Magic and they turned it into a small downloadable PC title many years ago. I have since lost my copy, but a homebrew version for the DS is out there to play.

It is basically a Tower Card game where you and your opponent have a castle and you use cards to build your walls or destroy your opponent's. You have different resources that you must manage in order to use your cards so if you are into CCG then go pick this up. This would be a great Iphone game.


  1. meh. i have no idea what happened to my latest mount... it was like one-hitted by something.

  2. That's one gripe about the game is how the level of your party effects the enemies.