Monday, July 13, 2009

WIPLW:Battlefield 1943, Tiger 10 Wii, GH Metallica

I missed posting Friday due to my birthday and going to my parents house to finish installing the laminate flooring. After working for another 7 hours we finally finished so I am glad that project is over. It was hard work but a fun time anyway. I always get good homecooked meals when I go so we had some great Ribs that were so tender you didn't need a knife.

Thursday night I had Steven and Donald over since Steven is moving away. We played a little golf, Sacred 2, GH Metallica, Battlefield 1943, and Rock Band. We started around 6 and went till around 1 am, and had a good time. Steven was on drums for all of the Metallica songs and since there wasn't a no fail mode we had so end some some prematurely. We tried to get through the tough ones but without practice Metallica music is hard to play. Luckily RB has a no fail mode so we just played and had a good time not worrying if we were going to fail or not. Sad to see you go, Steven, have fun and be successful in Atlanta.

Battlefield 1943
I bought this on XBLA for $15 on Thursday night but really didn't get to play it that much due to server problems that wouldn't let you connect to other users, the PS3 version didn't have this problem. When I got a chance to play on Sunday the issue was fixed and I got some quality time in.

George, Brad, and I met up and played for about 4 hours. There are only 3 maps and 3 classes but the basic gameplay is fun. Usually in multiplayer shooters I feel cheated, and I do feel it a little here but not quite as much as others so I am enjoying it a lot. I usually rank in the top 5 and I am killing as much or more than dieing so I'll keep playing.

For $15 this is a purchase but we will have to see how much EA wants to gouge us for additional content to be released later. The best part of the game is that it's on your hard drive and you don't have to put a disk in. I can't wait for DD(Digital Distribution) to fully take hold and I am able to be even lazier playing games.

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