Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WIPLN:Ghostbusters, Prototype


I was hoping to finish this game last night as I was 22/31 missions in. I finished about 3 more and then I got to a point that was just too hard and I tried about 5 times to finish and just couldn't so I took the game back. I may try to finish later but I just got to the point where it was frustrating and I thought pretty cheap. I understand ramping up the difficulty but there are limits. I did enjoy my time with the game I only wish it didn't get so hard near the end.


I wanted to rent Call of Jaurez 2 but it was out so I picked up Ghostbusters on the 360 and I am very impressed so far. The graphics are outstanding and it has some great dialog. The characters look real and the proto gun ray looks awesome as you slice and tear up the room while trying to catch a ghost. I did have trouble seeing some of the ghosts attack as they can get behind you and throw items and also slime you. It pretty fun trying to wrangle in a ghost as it struggles trying to break free from your grasp.


This is a great little game that you must go download and try.

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