Thursday, July 9, 2009

WIPLN:Prey, Ghostbusters

Not a big gaming night last night since I got called and had to dial up to work for an hour but once that was finished I did get some time in.


Finished a couple of more missions and beat the Stay Puft man. I am playing on casual as I just want to see the story so I am not sure if you can die or not but I have had some challenge in catching ghosts. They do have varied ghosts and tactics which is does prevent the game from getting old. One thing that does stand out is the audio mix, they did a great job. The dialog is crisp and the surround effects are great as there is alot going on behind you and you can tell.


I bought this on Steam this week with about 20 other games from 2k in a big 2k Pack for $53 it included about all of the recent Sid Meir games and franchises along with Bioshock. I have this on 360 as well that I purchased for $10 but only played a little. So I decided to try it on the PC with the graphics maxed and it is a really good looking game. If you want a good shooter then pick this up.

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