Friday, July 17, 2009

WIPLN:Ncaa 10, Neves

I played RB for quite awhile and I really enjoy playing Poison by Alice Cooper I wish there were more Hair Bands in RB.


Played some more Ncaa on the 360 and I'm taking it back today. I started a dynasty and played the first game against an easy opponent and had a pretty good game except on certain drives they were unstoppable picking up 1st downs on about every play.
I really do like playing as a Safety with the camera angle hopefully that will be in Madden as it makes playing Defense a lot of fun for me. I do wish there were more camera angles though, the PSP version has 4 different angles and the 360 only one so not too much customization.

I then played against Georgia and they were better ranked in every category so I knew I had a tough game on my hands. The game was close in the first half but things started happening that started to get me frustrated. They had one drive where their quarterback never missed a pass, and many times he had 8-10 seconds to complete the pass while I on the other hand had about 2 seconds before the rush overtook me.

So I started the second half and Georgia was driving, they through a pass I ran between the receiver and the ball he catches it for a huge gain. Something didn't look right I thought that the ball should have hit me so I watch the replay. I got to the point where I ran between and sure enough the ball went through my helmet then about 5 feet into his hands with the ball not altering it's flight path, the game didn't recognize the collision, I've seen that other times as well and I've only played 3 games.

One other time I was on a drive and my receiver had the inside position running across the middle the defender was about a yard farther out and just behind my guy. The ball gets close and somehow the defender speeds up and gets infront of my receiver and gets inside him by about 2 feet. I watched the replay and not sure what happened but it just didn't feel right. It's the little things like this that are turning me away from the game.

This is a DS game where you have different shapes and use those to create pictures. There is a set way the pieces must be turned and flipped in order to complete the picture. If you like puzzle games then this is great. There are a ton of puzzles, a timed mode, and an advanced mode where you only get 7 steps to complete a puzzle so you must know exactly how the pieces fit as you don't get to make mistakes.

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