Friday, July 24, 2009

WIPLN:Madden 10 Demo, Battlefield 1943

Downloaded the "exclusive" Madden demo with 5 minute quarters and I do like the game.
There are still some problems that I've found, suction blocking and just plain bad blocking, but the speed and feel is just right. I am really excited to play the
final version in August. The presentation feels like 2k5 which isn't a bad thing but then again that game was in 2004 so there should be some improvements. I have seen more overlays than in the past but 2K5 still had "better" and more of them.

Steven, Donald, George, and I got some quality time with BF1943 again and was the top group for a couple of rounds. That game continues to be fun but I am starting to get
irritated about what I consider cheap kills but I'll keep playing.

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