Thursday, July 23, 2009

WIPLN:Splosion Man, Prey, Arma 2, Chain Reaction

Tonight the Madden demo is released on the 360. There are 2 versions one for people who've preordered the game, they get 5 minute quarters, and the others get a one minute quarters game. I've liked what I've seen from videos of the game in that the speed has been toned down and it looks like I'll be able to make more plays on the defensive side. I think everyone should get the 5 minute version, 1 minute quarters aren't even worth playing and will just make some people mad(den)....

Splosion Man

This was just released on XBLA and it's pretty awesome. You control Splosion man who can xplode, xplode, xplode, or xplode. It is a platform/puzzle game and you must guide splosion man through various courses and blow up scientists while avoiding obstacles and trying to find cake. The puzzles can get pretty devious and I'm only on level 11, I think there are 50 or 100 levels overall and it has online play with leaderboards. The graphics are well done and the voice of splosion man is pretty varied as he babbles alot while running, I do like the animation and sound when you find the cakes that are hidden on every level. There are time trials but I haven't tried them yet. For $10 it's worth it.


Still trying to finish this one. I got a new weapon that is nice and powerful and I fought my first boss character.

Arma 2

I tried the demo but it's too technical for me so I'll pass.

Chain Reaction

This is the flash version of Drop7 that I like so much on the IPhone and it's a great version to play to waste time.

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