Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WIPLN:Demon's Souls, Wii Resort, Netflix

Well I should be posting everyday for awhile now as I am mostly finished with my moving in and can enjoy being a home owner. I have my projector setup in the dining room for now so I am sitting pretty close to the screen but it will work for now.

Demon's Souls (PS3) (8hrs)

I got this game in on Friday but didn't get to play until Saturday so I was really excited to play it and I really like this game. It is basically a third person adventure/combat game. You have around 10 different classes to choose from and I read somewhere that they all play the same but I chose 3 different classes and they all feel different. I started out with a wanderer who is fast, agile, and could dodge roll out of enemy attacks. I then tried the soldier who is great at blocking but when you try to dodge roll he kind of flubs on his roll as he sits on his back a bit longer so the roll takes longer and isn't as smooth so I don't use that move too much but he blocks everything and will push the attacker away so there are differences on each class.

This game is tough and if you rush in even the weakest enemy will kill you so you must be on your toes and ready for enemy ambushes and traps which makes the game intense and more realistic.

Wii Resort (Wii) (2hr)

I have Tiger Woods and really like it but I only had one Wii motion plus and I wanted another so I got the game and really enjoyed what I played. My favorite so far is the table tennis, it is well represented in this game and I can put spins and counter spins on the ball and it react accordingly I hope Rockstar will put out a new table tennis game for the WMP. The sword fighting and archery round out my top 3 and they both feel and play great.

Netflix (360) (4hr)

The new update on 360 is supposed to make the Netflix streaming better and it has for me. I signed up again on Saturday and watch a movie and it did downsize the movie twice because of my internet connection. On Tuesday I tried again and it didn't happen at all so that was nice. I signed up for the 8.99 plan and I have unlimited streaming and they have a lot of older movies and shows that I want to watch so it is pretty cheap and I don't have to leave my Sumo Sac.

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