Monday, August 17, 2009

WIPTW:The Witcher, Madden 10, Demon Souls, I Love You Man

The Witcher (PC) (3hr)

They just released the directors cut of this game about 2 weeks ago that adds some new content. I played this game before for about 5 hours but stopped and I'm not sure why. This is a great action/adventure game. It uses a heavily modified Neverwinter Nights engine and it looks great. I really like the music and the voice work. The lead character has a deep resonating voice which fits the character well.

It plays a little like Diablo where you point and click to attack enemies but there are different swords you must use on different enemies and there is a timing to the attacks. Instead of just clicking away the attacks are time based and if you mistime then you lose your combo. It really gives the combat a sense of strategy and I do really like it.

The biggest hook of this game is that the choices you make will come back later in the game. There is no black or white there is a lot of gray areas that you must choose and suffer the consequences.

Madden 10 (360) (10hr)

I haven't really liked Madden in the past as I was a NFL2K5 man but they have added enough features to remind me of NFL2k and I have played Madden more now than ever in the past. I remember playing Madden on the PC with one of my friends Brent, about 20 years ago. The guys were about 10 pixels apiece but we had a blast. Now with Madden 10 they have really upped the presentation which was really missing and should have been added long ago.

I am really liking the gameplay. I am using Myskill and as I am improving the games are getting better. I like the passing and I need to get better at running as I rarely break tackles. I am playing with the Cowboys and Barber is getting hammered but Jones has broken 2 long runs for touchdowns and I had my first TD Kickoff return which felt nice. I still see bad blocking by the full backs and some linemen which does bother me, one time my OL just turned and backed into the DL which did nothing and I got creamed. I have also noticed that defenders will sometimes turn around subsecond, I was running and the defender had is back to me but he turned around almost automatically and tackled me after watching the replay I was furious. Also they do cutoff the replays to I think 30 seconds so you may not get the full play which does stink. I do like the presentation except for the announcers I am hearing a lot of repeats so I may just turn them off, the crowd and stadium noise is well done though.

I may sound like I'm griping a lot but I really have enjoyed my time with it and now they just have some small things to fix for next year.

Demon Souls (PS3) (8hrs)

Man this game is killing me. You really have to experiment with weapon types to do well, so if you hit a guy and it does little damage change your equipment. This may sound easy but there is no pause and you can only equip 2 weapons/shields per hand so you have to be on your toes. I have progressed slowly but I am really enjoying this game it has a lot to offer and a lot of strategy to go along with the action.

I Love You Man (PS3) (2hr)

Rented this and watched Saturday night and it was a funny movie. I like the main actors and it had an entertaining story.

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