Thursday, August 13, 2009

WIPLN:Wolfenstien 3d Rpg, Rockstar Ping Pong, Grid, Demon Souls, Rock Band

Wolfenstien 3D Rpg (Iphone) (30min)

This just came out for the IPhone yesterday for $4.99. You move around like a
first-person shooter but the combat is turn-based. The graphics have a nice cell shaded look that is impressive on the IPhone. You will hear some classic sounds during the game that should bring back some memories. For some reason chickens are big in this game and I'm not sure why but if you shoot them they will turn into roasted chickens that will give you a health boost.

Combat is turn-based and you have multiple weapons you can use. I really like punching enemies as it does a close up of their face and it made me think of Punch-out.

RockStar Ping Pong (360) (45min)

After playing some Wii Sport Resort Ping Pong I thought that I'd give the Rockstar game a go again after about 4 years of not playing it. Hopefully they will release a new version for the Wii that uses the motion plus because the analog sticks don't really feel right.

GRID (360) (30min)

I have Grid for the PS3 but I wanted to try it for the 360 since I could install it to my hard drive and it makes a big difference. It would take about 15 seconds to load a race and now it is only about 5 seconds which is a big difference when you are looking at a screen. I still am horrible at the game but it is a great racing game, the AI is really good as enemies will spin out in front of you and in one case I had earlier hit another racer and later they bumped me into a billboard so it really feels like you are racing real people.

Demon Souls (PS3) (3HR)

Most of my gaming time is going to this game and I am still dying like crazy. The soldier class is a lot easier than the wanderer and I was able to make it farther but the next big enemy I faced was HUGE and I'm not sure how to take him down so I need to experiment but it's not easy to get back to him when you die. I am starting to see that I am getting better and learning how to fight. I am used to rushing in and not caring too much about getting hit because other games help you out so in this you never want to rush. Every enemy can kill you and you need to react accordingly to their actions.

RockBand (360) (45min)

Finally got my drums setup to where I like them and I played a couple of songs. Still RockBand, still great.

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