Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WIPLN:Madden 10, FNR4

Madden 10 (360) (2hr)

George and I played against each other last night online and had a fun time. This was his first time playing Madden 10 so I easily beat him. There was some lag but not too much and you get to see some cool camera angles of the stadiums while in multiplayer they you don't get to see in single player while your waiting for them to pick their play.

We then tried the new co-op mode where we played on the same team against the computer and it was okay but was very tough. The host is the only one that calls the play so the second person may get bored. Your camera is behind the player you choose like in superstar mode, I sure wish this was in the single player as it really looks and plays nice. Offense was pretty tough though. We completed some passes but the routes are hard to run.

FNR4 (360) (2hr)

George got his revenge on me here where he won 2 out of 3 matches. I didn't notice any slowdown while we played and we were moving and throwing quite a bit. I still don't like the knockdown/getup mini-game it just doesn't feel right. You are able to take created boxers against each other which is a nice touch and we had a good time even though he would knock me out in the 8th round.

Shadow Complex (360)

Shadow Complex comes out tomorrow on XBLA and it looks to be really awesome. I haven't read many reviews or watched too many videos because I don't want to spoil anything. It is like a mix between Castlevania and Metroid in a current day setting with an average guy as the hero.

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