Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wolfenstein, Batman AA, Rise of the Argonauts, Shadow Complex

Wolfenstein (360) (1hr)

After returning the awful Rise of the Argonauts they finally had Wolfenstein at BB.
I redid my subwoofer setup after noticing that the oomph was gone out of my sound so that took about 30 minutes, but wow the difference that made. The gun sounds in this game are really powerful, the single shot rifle especially. This game feels like an old school shooter and I like that. There are some neat special effects and shooting enemies while you and they are floating through the air is really fun.

Rise of the Argonauts (360) (15 min)

Bad and buggy game. I got caught on a doorway everytime I passed one, the hit detection is off just enough to cause frustration. The premise sounded good but I don't want games to frustrate me.

Batman AA (360) (2Hr)

This game continues to shine and has definitely kept my interest, as they change the fighting slightly and add new abilities. I really like trying to crack the electrical boxes. Get this game.

Shadow Complex (360) (10min)

I am stuck and not sure where to go. Arghhhhh.

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