Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guitar Hero 5, Resident Evil 5

GH5 (360) (1hr)

Another GH game, I've bought all the rest so might as well get this. I do like the new look and ease of getting into the game now. The game was playing a song in the menu screen so I turned on my drums and I started playing the song right then without having to go into any menus and it was great. The game play is the same but they have added some more detail to the graphics so the rockers don't look as robotic. All songs are open from the start which is another nice addition.

RE 5 (360) (3HR)

Played with Rusty last night and we had a great time. It did take us awhile to beat one boss as we were running in circles for about 15 minutes but we eventually burned him. I really like this game and I'm glad that I am playing it again. Steven has to get this game eventually so we can play co-op.

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