Monday, September 28, 2009

Diablo 2, Rachet and Clank, Beatles RB, Tennis, Graw 2, Creed Live

Diablo 2 (PC) (3.5 Hr)

Had a good time on Sunday playing with Mary Catherine and Mark Boyd, we have one quest left on the first level. This game is still a lot of fun but it does need to be updated and I hope Diablo 3 will come out soon, it's projected to release in 2011 which is way too far off.

Ratchet and Clank (PS3) (1.5 Hr)

I finally finished this game last night and am ready for the new one to come out.
I've read that the new one will have more things to do because the first one just felt like the old games with a new graphical overlay and I have to agree. I want to see some more puzzle elements added but not with the PS3 motion controls. There is a part in the game where you have a puzzle that I thought required the motion controls and I kept failing and almost quit playing until the game asked if I wanted to use the analog stick instead of mc. That is a nice feature that a game will notice that you are having trouble and suggest something to try as did Batman.

Beatles RB (360) (1.5 Hr)

Played with Kathleen on drums and me on Bass and microphone and we played a lot of songs and had a blast. I got to try out the harmonies a little bit when you sing you can turn the harmonies on or off. It was hard trying to sing the harmonies when you don't know the words that well and your playing bass but we pulled it off until I hit my toe on my mic stand and then I was out.

Tennis (Live) (1.5 Hr)

I went and played some real tennis on Saturday night and had a good time, I need to do more of that.

Creed (PC) (2 Hr)

Watched the Creed concert live on and it set the Guiness WR for the most HD cameras used to film an outdoor event with 270 HD camera's. The quality was great and it was pretty close to HD. I had router problems but the sound and video quality left me impressed.

Graw 2 (360) (30min)

Thought I'd give this a try and once again just not my game. I had one instance where I ordered my team to assault and one guy went behind a car and the enemy was on the same side of the car and he didn't even try to shoot him they just crouched and looked the opposite directions so I turned the game off.

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