Monday, September 21, 2009

Murumasa Demon Blade, Top Spin 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Harbor Master, GD Swarm

Murumasa Demon Blade (Wii) (3HR)

If you have a Wii then you should pick this game up. It is a 2-D action platformer with some stunning artwork, if you've played or seen Odin Sphere then you will know what to expect. It has some minor RPG elements where you can cook and forge more than a 100 swords, but the main game is all fighting enemies and it works well. You can button mash some but later in the game you will need to have learned some of the other techniques as different enemies require different strategies.

Top Spin 3 (360) (45 min)

I watched a lot of the U.S. Open which got me in the mood for a tennis game so I picked this up for $20. It is pretty tough and has a hard learning curve but I think that it will be worth it as I am getting tired of Virtua Tennis arcade style. I have just spent time learning the mechanics so hopefully will start my virtual career soon.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) (3Hr)

Played Terrorist Hunt with Rusty yesterday and that game is awesome and I'm not sure why we didn't play that more. The enemies in that game have some great A.I. and will do all sorts of things to stop you. So if you have the game and see us out there let's play.

HarborMaster (IPhone) (20min)

If you like making frantic movements with your fingers then get this game. You basically guide ships into port then take them out to sea without colliding with other boats doing the same.

GD Swarm (IPhone) (10min)

This is a tower defense game that is very tough and I couldn't get past the second mission so not sure about this one.

Powerline Adapter

If you need ethernet and don't want to run cables then get this product. It works perfectly although you can't get fast speeds if you plug this into a power supply, for the product to work optimally you must plug directly into a wall socket. I was able to stream HD video from Netflix on my 360 when I plugged in directly, when I tried the power supply I started in HD but the connection couldn't keep up and it kept downgrading my signal, but this should be expected so I have no problems with it.

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