Thursday, September 24, 2009

Penguin Wii Gun, Halo ODST, Madden 10, Beatles RB, Metroid

Penguin Wii Gun (Wii) ($40)

This is a new Wii gun controller that is actually a controller and not just a shell to put your Wii controller in, I lost control of this sentence, sorry. It supports more rumble and a louder speaker than the Wiimote. I tried a couple of games with it and here are the results.

HOTD Overkill worked okay it has calibration setup but it was always a little off the the left but this was the case with just the normal Wiimote, but I was able to finish a campaign without the cursor on the screen and had fun playing. The guns speaker did have a problem or maybe it's just supposed to be this way but it made screeching noises the whole time I played it.

Ghost Squad worked about the same and it's calibration was a lot better and was almost spot on with the sights so I was pleased but at one point the Wii and the gun lost connection and I couldn't do anything until I turned the gun off then back on.

Resident Evil uses the nunchuck and it was hard playing with my other gun controllers because it uses buttons on the wiimote. The gun has all these buttons in easy access except for the + and - which are on the side and you must use your other hand to reach those. I did have problems switching my guns in the game, you use the C button on the nunchuck which is plugged into the bottom of the gun and it was like the button was getting stuck and I kept scrolling through my guns so there may be a problem with the gun and a nunchuck.

The Gun feels great but it has some minor hiccups that do bug me so I may have to return it.

Halo ODST (360) (1Hr)

I am playing on the heroic difficulty and I got frustrated yesterday because I was dying so much but I stuck with it and am enjoying the game now. I would like to play the firefight mode but there is no matchmaking for that so you have to play with friends which is nice but no one was playing that mode so I couldn't try it out.

Madden 10 (360) 45mi)

Played my franchise game against Brent last night and our connection dropped which is a first for me but there was noticable lag during the game so he finished the game against the CPU and I'm not sure of the outcome.

Beatles RB(360) (45 min)

I finished the Story mode and it's a great game with a cool video at the end. I am going to play through the story on Bass next.

Metroid (Wii) (1hr)

The save system in this game stinks and now I'm going to have to play through the same part 3 times because it's too tough and too long without a save. I almost quit playing because of this but I'll stick with it.

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