Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mass Effect 2

Wow didn't realize how long ago I had posted. It could be the fact that I've been playing Mass Effect 2 for around 40 hours in a week. This is the first lengthy game that I've finished within a week, I've done a couple of 10-12 hour games but with ME 2 it was a different experience.

I really enjoyed the first Mass Effect even though it had some technical problems. I bought it again for the PC but never really played that version so my memory of the first game was really lacking. The game does a decent job of reminding you of your decisions of the first game but I wish they told more of the backstory because just basic facts about my decisions are that just facts so I was still a little confused.

They really worked on the 3rd person shooting and it shows it is fluid and really makes for an action packed game. They kind of left off the RPG aspects though. There really isn't an inventory system you have to manage there are a couple of choices but no stats for guns so no comparing stats to pick the "best" gun.

The game is gorgeous with the film filter on you feel like you are watching a great movie. The explosions sound and look great with some explosions that shook my walls and the floor beneath me.

If you have a 360 then you need to pick this game up as it's one of the best games that I played. There are a few things I disliked but the overall game was enjoyable and I am already starting a second run through.

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