Monday, February 22, 2010

Silent Hill, Crackdown, Heavy Rain Demo

Silent Hill (Wii) (1.5 hr)

Curious story, no combat, and an intense flashlight adventure game. Does that sound appealing, would you buy that if it had this on the box? If you wouldn't then you need to turn around and go back and give the game a try. The game is supposed to see how you play and adjust accordingly. You start out trying to find your missing daughter after a car wreck and the story jumps from there to you being in a psychiatrist office answering questions. You keep going back and forth so your not sure when each event is taking place. This does add a layer of intrigue and so far the office visits have been unique and the questions and actions you perform make you wonder how the answers effect the story.

The gameplay is broken up into two parts adventure mode where you look for clues and the running part where enemies are coming after you and you must run for your life while throwing enemies who get to close off of you. The action is intense as the levels are setup so that you can backtrack and get lost and they give you a good feeling of being helplessly chased. This game should be played in the dark and has given me some pretty good scares.

Crackdown (360) (2hr)

I finally beat all the bosses but still have room to upgrade my character but I probably won't. I really enjoyed the game and can't wait for the second one which should have 4 player co-op.

Heavy Rain Demo (Ps3) (30min)

I have this game pre-ordered and glad I did after playing the demo. There are some neat control ideas which work well and even though you are just reacting the fight scene was well done and intense. The story seem very mature and it is a detective game so I should like that. I should have the game tomorrow.

Dragon Age Origins is $40 this week or $30 if you are a game club member and use your coupon.

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