Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I got my new PC I've been playing quite a few PC games to test out my rig and it is quite a bit better than my old one so I am able to play Crisis at 1900x1080 with almost all options maxed out. The machine runs really quiet and having the audio go through the HDMI makes it easy to connect to my Projector and TV along with the wireless built in I'm happy with my purchase.

I took a hard drive out of my old PC to put in the new one and when I tried my old PC of course it wouldn't boot so I spent an hour trying to find out why. The MB had something go wrong about 2 months ago as 3 of my USB ports went out so the problem with booting was I could only boot from the 3rd Sata port, it would recognize the HD in any port but only allow booting form the 3rd one so by luck I found that.

I also bought a 23" Samsung LED monitor XL2370 because I wasn't happy with my old 27" Viewsonic. Recently Nvidia and ATI changed their drivers to act differently with monitors connected through HDMI that when you set the max resolution you would have overscan and the text would be blurry. You could make some resolution change to get it to fit but was still left with blurry text. I was able to change the NVIDIA drivers to get it to work with my VS but I didn't want to keep doing that and they might fix that loophole later. I did have the same problem with my new monitor but it has a setting that allows you to choose PC/TV on the HDMI port that fixes the issue.

I really like the Samsung monitor, it has an LED screen so it has some really nice black levels and the whites really stand out. It has a 2ms response time so no lag that I could see. I did go down in size but the better picture and colors make up for that plus I can hook my PC upto my other TV's. They have MagicTune software that allows you to calibrate your screen from the PC instead of messing with the controls which is nice but for some reason it doesn't work with my ATI video card.
The monitor is the thinnest I've seen and only weighs about 8 pounds, it has a nice look to it as well with touch screen controls.

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