Monday, February 15, 2010


Shiren (Wii) (1hr)

I've played Shiren on the DS and it finally came out on the Wii this week and they made some improvements that help with the difficulty level. The graphics are okay but they could have done a lot more but I guess they are not sure how popular the game will be so that's okay for now. As a rouge like game it is one of the best with some neat ideas and a pretty funny story.

New PC

I bought a new PC this weekend, a Dell SW 8001. I thought about buying a really high end gaming system but just didn't feel like messing with dual video cards so I went with the Dell and it's a good cheap gaming PC. It has an I7 860 2.8, ATI 5750 GC, 8G ram, 1TB HD, and it's wireless. I priced out upgrading my current PC and it was about the same price and I am tired of putting PC's together, it's easy but just getting to be a pain.

I am able to play both Crysis games at 1900X1200 with High settings something my other PC couldn't do due to my AMD X2 processor. I can still upgrade the dell later if I want so I am happy with the purchase.

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