Thursday, February 25, 2010

RE5, Silent Hill, Steam Beta

RE5 (360) (4hr)

Steven and I started playing last night, it's the 4th time for me and it's still enjoyable. We are playing on Normal and it seems too easy, we have died only a couple of times and the bosses have been easy to take down. I hope to get some more achievements but those medallions are really hard to find so unless I get a faq I won't get any more costumes.

Silent Hill (Wii) (45 min)

Been playing this during lunch and about half way through the game. I've ran into some challenging(frustrating) puzzles you really need to use the environment to solve them but a couple of them I was thinking how was I ever going to solve this without a faq. I've had some problems with my Wiimote, when you get a phone call the sound comes from the Wiimote speaker and at first the sound was really cracking and I thought it was just the game but when I replayed the message it was clear so something is interfering with it but they aren't that critical to the game.

Steam Beta

They are introducing a new layout for Steam and so far I like it. You can add categories to games then filter on them that makes searching for your games easier. They also keep track of the last time you played and the overall time you've played a game. I had trouble with the store page till I made a change to the IE options and turned off the automatically detect settings.

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