Friday, February 5, 2010

MW 2

Been back to play some MW 2 recently and have been doing the Spec-op mode with George and we've had a good time trying to get all of the stars for all the missions. You have to play on Veteran and we've had a time on some missions, one in particular, we tried about 25 times and on two of those times got to the very end only to be gunned down. That mode has some neat ideas for levels that hopefully we'll see more of in DLC.

I think all of the playing of ME2 burned me out a little that was a lot of gaming for me in a week's time span.

I watched the first of the two part Lost premier and it pulled me in again, there are so many questions that is raises that I want to know the answer too. It is a well written show that has some great characters.

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