Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heavy Rain, Borderlands

Heavy Rain (PS3) (2hr)

I played the demo over the weekend and from that was excited to play the real game. There are a lot of quick time events but they are well integrated into the story and make for some exciting gameplay. I tried not to read much about the game to avoid spoilers but I knew from Indigo Prophecy the game should be good as that game had some neat ideas as well.

I almost don't want to play the game as it does mess with your emotions. At one point in the game my character was arguing with his son about TV and I accidentally hit the wrong button and turned the TV off instead of changing the channel. They had an arguement and the kid got mad and ran off and when I went to console him he said that he hated me. I almost went back to replay that scene but in this game you should live with your choices and mistakes that you have to in life. In a lot of the situations you know that it could end badly so you do feel pressure in making your choices and it gives you many choices so their isn't a correct one.

You play 4 different characters which play differently. I really like the FBI agent you play as he has some virtual reality glasses he uses for finding clues, taking notes. and researching cases. They do some neat things with those that makes you want one of them now.

I am enjoying my time and don't want to play it all at once. It's around 10 hours so hopefully I'll have it beat within a week but will probably replay again since there are some choices I'd already like to see how they change the game.

Borderlands (360) (2hr)

I downloaded the new DLC and tried it with my 2nd play thru option which my character is lvl 43 and the enemies were 50 and above and all weapons required lvl 48 so I will need to lvl upto 50 before starting that so I should have that by this weekend. I did get to see the new cars and one new enemy. The graphics looked a bit sharper to me maybe because the download was 1.6G. It supposed to be a huge DLC and it looks that way.

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