Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stalker Call of Pripriat, Bioshock 2

Stalker (PC) (1hr)

This is the 3rd Stalker game and I buy them even though I don't play much of them and not sure why. It is a mix of an RPG/FPS that can be difficult which is why I think I only play a little bit of these games. I am on the normal level now and probably need to goto the easiest level but even that isn't that easy. The graphics are nice and it has a good setting in the Chernobyl wasteland which does feel like a lonely place.

Bioshock 2 (360) (2hr)

I am facing a tough decision, I am playing the game on the hardest level and not using the vita chambers which bring you back to life if you die so that I can get more of the achievements but not sure that I am having fun. I don't want to use the vita chambers because the enemies you face keep the damage you've dealt so you can die and keep wearing them down which takes some of the anxious moments out of the game. Since I am not using them I have to remember to save and if I die it takes me to the title screen instead of instantly reloading from my last save which I don't understand as it's punishing me for playing this way. As far as the difficulty I haven't died too much so not sure what decreasing that will do. I just need to try.

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