Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tales from Inventory

Went on Inventory this past weekend and it went pretty smoothly except that the store didn't really provide any food or drinks and our experience in finding food is the main reason for the story. I went with another person so I do have a witness.

The first night we went to a local restaurant called the old barn and they served steaks which is what I wanted. We had about 80 minutes to eat so we we had time but we needed to go by our hotel as well. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table and during that time I went to the bathroom. I opened the doors to the bathroom and the room inside was just mirrors and to the left I heard girls giggling and for a moment thought I went in the wrong door but this was just an entry room to the real bathroom doors. So then I go to use the bathroom and inside the both urinals is shaved ice, now I'm not sure if it was supposed to be there or not but it was a little strange to see that but I went anyway.

So we finally got to our table and the waitress takes our drink orders and then disappears for about 10 minutes. She does return then takes our order then comes back in about 2 minutes to confirm my side dish. We wait for another 10 minutes, I was expecting my salad to arrive soon since the table that got in after us got theirs but it didn't arrive until the main course arrived. It did have freshly made bleu cheese dressing so that made up for it. We get just about done eating and the waitress tells us that their bread was rock hard and they had to make some more so we looked at each other because this was the first I heard of free bread, after we are done we get Texas toast with butter on it. We then asked for separate checks and she brings out 2 copies of the bill but it isn't split so we have to ask again and she gets it right.

So now we have about 15 minutes to get to work but we did make it. We did work till 1 and the weather was very dry and the store didn't provide much but they gave us some lime Dillard's water which wasn't even cold so that was a bust.

Next day for lunch we wanted to find a place that had the game on and Hooters was close by so we chose that. I've never had a good experience in Hooters and this was another "fun" time. In Texas you can still smoke in restaurant's and the non-smoking section was about 12 seats without any ventilation and smokers were all around the square area.

We order our food and are wait about 5 minutes and the waitress brings part of the order but it isn't exactly correct but rushes off telling me mine is coming right up. Parker started eating the bone-in-wings the waitress brought even though he ordered boneless but he thinks she made a hearing mistake. She brings me my food and I look and see it's shrimp and that isn't what I ordered so I tell her and then she starts panicking and then realizes she gave us another tables order. Parker finished a wing so she left that and took the shrimp to the correct table and told them what happened. I then see her and her boss having a conversation and then she comes back to our table saying that she needed the wings back unless Parker wanted to pay for them so she took them to the back and what happened to them then who knows. Another waitress brings us our food and our waitress just ignores us for the next 15 minutes, we felt like we were punished for doing something wrong. Our drinks were empty and at then Parker noticed a black hair in his drink so we were ready to go. She finally came back and gave us out ticket and we left.

My food experiences during inventory didn't go as planned but they did make for some nice stories.

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