Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dragon Age, Trials HD

Dragon Age (360) (4hr)

I think that I found my first big fault with the game and that is the varying degree of difficulty. I am playing on normal and for the most part it is pretty easy but other times it's near impossible. Several times I've fought a battle that ended within 8 seconds, they had a mage that used one spell that killed everyone in my party and I didn't have a chance to react. I then have to reload and try again and this time they don't use the same spell and I get through the battle easily. There are also parts where you leave your party and you play with a single character and those battles are hard as well. I am still enjoying my time but did get frustrated a little bit.

Trials HD (360) (1hr)

I expect this game to frustrate me but I have gotten better and am able to pass the harder levels.

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