Monday, January 18, 2010

Dragon Age, Dawn of Discovery

Dragon Age (360) (6hr)

I wish that I had bought the 360 version of this game. The PC version looks better and has more strategic combat but what I really like about the game is the story and the interaction between the characters and that is the same on both versions. I died a lot in the PC version on normal and twice so far on the 360 so it is easier on the 360. It feels more action oriented on the 360 and to me that's okay I don't like having to control 3 other characters and the micromanagement is alot less on the 360 so another plus. I'm almost caught up to where I was on the PC now I just have to decide if I want to buy the DLC or not. I am playing a different character and the game has played out a little differently so the replay value is high.

Dawn of Discovery (Wii) (1hr)

I picked this up for $15 off of Amazon and I really like it. There is a PC version that I played a demo of and the gameplay is the same but the world and atmosphere are different. This game reminds me of the Caesar games of old where you build cities and use diplomacy to build up your own colony and countries. I haven't seen any combat so far which is great since I never liked that part in the Caesar series.
The Wii version is more stylized even though it looks cartoonish, the PC version has really nice detailed and realistic graphics which couldn't be done on the Wii but they did a good job with the new approach and it looks and plays really well. I am almost through the tutorial stages and then I can continue my campaign or try the sandbox mode. This game has a lot too offer I just need more time.

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