Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trials HD, Bayonetta,

Well I used all my vacation from last year and what did I do? Nothing which is sad but what I wanted to do so it worked out. I had alot of games to catch up on and I did some but got Lost. I have always liked the show but didn't watch any of Season 5 but they have it on Netflix so I would watch an episode when I was eating but got addicted to it so I watched about 15 episodes over 2-3 days and now I'm caught up and ready for the final season.

Trials HD (XBLA) (2hr)

Picked this game up over the weekend and it is a very frustrating blast. You ride a motorcycle over jumps and obsticles trying to reach the finish in a specified time limit and with limited fails. There are around 50 tracks and I can finish about half of them but they get extremely hard and even though the restarting is instant I get tired of restarting. They can be done because some of my friends have scores that keep enticing me to play and get a faster time and I wish there were more of the easier tracks so that speed runs can be made. I downloaded the extra tracks as well so that helps. They included a track editor but you can only share with your friends and none of mine have created any so I wish there was a database you could get them from.

Bayonetta (360) (8hr)

Thought I would finish this over the weekend and I got to the final boss and had to call it a night after trying around 12 times. The game is awesome and is one of the best action games that I have played, the story is still strange and vague but the combat is satisfying. I'm around the 12 hour mark so there could still be more levels but I'll have to see later this week. The game did bring up a question in that how hard should the final Boss character be?

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