Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red Faction Guerilla, Bayonetta,

Bayonetta (360) (2hr)

I finished last night and it is really a great game. I don't have too many bad things to say about it. It is tough in some places but after watching the patterns and actually looking at the attacks that were made the Boss I had trouble with was pretty easy. Once you finish it opens up the hard level and that is hard. I couldn't even
get through the first section but I will try later since I didn't get hardly any of the extras in the game. I need to go back and retry levels on normal to get the platinum levels so there is a lot of replay value.

Red Faction Guerilla (360) (1hr)

I bought this game when it was released and played maybe 2 hours of it but for some reason forgot about it so I went back to it and it is really fun. There are a lot of different side missions that you can do and one I found last night you get into a sort of mech and just go around destroying things and I had a great time so I definitely need to finish that one.

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