Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Many Games

Wow a long time between posts but it's the holidays. I should be back to normal posts now.

COD 2 (360) (Total Time: 100hrs)

Spent way too much time with this game and I can't stop playing. I went ahead and prestiged so I basically started all over but I'm up to level 22 with about 5 hours of play so I'm doing much better now. I had the best games last night, I was playing free for all and won about 4 matches and got 30 kills 2 times in a row which I've never done before and it's a great feeling.

Dead Space Extraction (Wii) (30 min)

I loved Dead Space on the 360 and they made this game a light gun shooter for the Wii and I'm back on the Immasura(something like that). The graphics are really good and the atmosphere feels like the first game.

Resident Evil Degeneration (Wii) (30 min)

Another light gun game and another great game.

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