Thursday, December 3, 2009

COD 2, Isle of 8-bit

COD 2 (360) (5hr)

This game is dominating my life. I am at level 58 now and I had the best night ever last night. I finished in the top spot 3 times in a row and in the top 3 about 10 times. I was unstoppable except for needing sleep so I had to give in and go to bed to only dream of playing. The real fun stuff for me is going back and trying to find the person who got you and getting them back and usually for me they get me a couple of more times before i get them but last night I was on the other end and I got a guy about 6 times in a row. Each time I would move to a different corner and he always looked the wrong way, it is a great feeling and I don't really know why. Another case is when an enemy sees you and there is an obsticle between you and you fool him by going a different way than what he thinks you will go, its those little moments that make this game shine.

Isle Of 8-bit (Iphone) 4.99

This is a rouge type game by Tecmo. It has some nice graphics and a good interface. The only problem is there are no mid-saves or if you get a text or call while in a dungeon it kicks you out. Hopefully there will be a patch to fix this other wise go off adventuring.

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